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Over the past year, I defeated a fear of other people, learned the value of clarity and brevity, fought writer's block, and developed pride in my words.

Now I am a writer with a love for onomatopoeias and an affinity for semicolons.

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In case you haven't noticed, I'm awkward.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


April 14, 2018


    The group of friends that you came with all beckon the two of you as they rush onto the dance floor, couples forming as a slow song starts playing. You look at your date and he smiles timidly; both of you are awkward and painfully new at this 'formal dance' thing. In a burst of uncharacteristic confidence, you bow slightly and hold out your hand. You laugh slightly as you feel yourself almost trip over your dress - "May I have this dance?"
   He seems almost startled for a moment, then he breaks into a grin. "Why not?"
   You both move onto the dance floor, dodging smug looks from your friends. He rests his hands lightly on your hips, and you reach your arms up to his shoulders. You start moving back an forth to the rhythm of the music. Focused exclusively on not stepping on his toes, you don't realize that he's looking at you. You glance up at him and his now dampened smile. "What's up?" you say with a giggle.
   He chuckles lightly. "I'm sorry I'm so awkward."
​   You really laugh now, pure and unafraid. "And to think I was nervous. Believe me, I'm more awkward than you are." 
   "Oh really?" He starts laughing, too. "I'm almost twice as awkward as you."
   "Prove it."
   "I trip up stairs."
   "Psh, that's nothing. I'm almost falling over right now." You kick him slightly. "These heels were not meant for those challenged in the art of coordination."
   He laughs again, and you can visibly see him loosen up. "I don't buy it."
   "You should." You don't know how you've managed to keep up this level of blind confidence. "Let's see... I also choke on water."
   "I choke on air. My parents don't even look when it happens anymore. They just-"
   "Shake their heads with disappointed look on their face?"
   He nods, and you both start laughing uncontrollably. You lock eyes, and it becomes very apparent that your faces are only a few inches apart. You realize that throughout the course of the conversation, the two of you have slowly moved closer together. You smile softly.
   "Thank you for inviting me."
   "Thank you for saying yes."
   You both grin at each other, big, goofy smiles, uncaring of opinion. The rest of the world seems to fade away. Then the music cuts out, and a loud, animated voice booms through the speakers. Awwwwlllllright folks! That was the last song of the night. Better kiss your dates before they leave you for someone better. HA! ....that was a joke.
   Your face turns bright red, and you both step back from each other. You laugh uncomfortably, he joins in. Then you start laughing at him laughing, and he starts laughing at you. A couple seconds later you both are doubled over, hysterical and relishing in the awkwardness of the situation. Then he offers you his arm, and you both walk off of the dance floor.


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