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do you like? should i continue? ideally it'd be kind of an action/romance story where a soldier goes mia, and her gf throws her life away and breaks sixty laws to travel to iraq and try to find her.

across the sea - testing waters

April 13, 2018


elena. march 4, 2018, 6:00 am.

song: puzzle pieces by saint motel

i like getting up early. i know it's oversaid, but i like feeling a bit like the world is sleeping and it's just me and the sun edging up. i like the way early morning light makes your skin look like porcelain. i like feeling the world wake up, the neighbor's little girl babbling, the dogs barking.

there's a kind of agreement in the early morning, a little sense of peace that everyone knows to follow. sometimes i'm startled by the drip-drip of the tea bag when i throw it away, or the spoon clinking against the mug. there's that soft sweater i wear when it's cold, and it's still cold in march, here in nyc.

i have no idea why i live in nyc, of all places. theoretically, i should hate it. it's cold and messy and though i like the number of parties and people i can't stand the buildings, or the fucking housing prices. but it's got humans and pretty girls and so many dogs that it's won me over.

"oh, shit." my phone buzzes with a text, a jarring noise in comparison to the soft, faint sounds of distant cars.

hey. me and kiera and some girl she met at the army recruitment center at times square are watching the oscars tonight at my place. wanna come?
apparently they hit it off.

sure. will you have drinks?

only the finest dollar store wine for you.

k. but you owe me one. 

course i do. but this is my time to cry over emma roberts and timothee chalamet with you.

you are thirsty as hell. i'll be there at eight.
yes, i'm you_need_to_gogh on episode.


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  • Gabriel Goodwin

    At first, I thought this was a journal/diary entry....haha silly me XD
    This is good and you should continue it :D

    about 2 years ago