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The Technical Guide to Being a Samurai: Chapter Two (Part One)

April 13, 2018


Chapter Two: How to Obtain Honor (Part One).

There is one thing Samurai all have: honor. All honor is calculated by an honor system*. 

Basically, the amount of honor is judged in a set amount of points. The entire list is very long, so here is a condensed one.

One honor points:

One push-up.
Helping an old lady cross the street.
Saying something nice.
Waving your hands in the air. (Bonus points for not caring.)

Ten honor points:

Twenty push-ups. 
Walking towards a group of children.
Plan a birthday party.
Saying an outdated reference, and not being sad when no one gets it.

One hundred honor points:

One hundred push-ups.
Walking towards a group of caffeinated children. (Bonus for not crying.)
Corrected someone’s grammar.
Hug a friend with a badger in your hand.

One thousand honor points:

NINE THOUSAND PUSH-UPS! (Sorry, we got carried away.)
Decaffeinating a group of children.
Saying no. (We don’t know to what, however.)
Stopping an arguement.

How would we know if you met any honor point requirements, you can ask? Don’t worry about it.

* Not the one you may be thinking of, but we do use it.


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