Name's Cynthia,
I'm a 14 y/o girl from Singapore, but I'm British :P
I am in love with the english language and want to master it, hopefully! :)
Writing is my solace, where I cry, where I smile, where my emotions come to die.

I Need Dreams

November 17, 2015


Let's sleep at the bottom of the ocean forever.
Drown our sorrows in the deep blue.
Let's sink into darkness like our hearts and minds.
Before the world burns with me and you.
While buildings crumble and skies tear,
Oceans part and ice flares.
When the land trembles and the forests burn.
You and I have one last turn.
Let's play a fair game,
No one with the upper hand.
Let's play a fair game,
Shall we begin?
It's time to return to the heavens above,
Where the grass is green and fire is red.
At last I can go to bed.
Dreams are an escape,
Where there is no pain.
Anguish is extinguished,
And happiness reigns.
Oh how I'll sleep forever,
Oh how I will whilst the world burns in flames.

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