Name's Cynthia,
I'm a 14 y/o girl from Singapore, but I'm British :P
I am in love with the english language and want to master it, hopefully! :)
Writing is my solace, where I cry, where I smile, where my emotions come to die.


November 18, 2015


Light a match and burn the tree.
All its ever done is chain you to your disheveled past.

Like a poison it ravages your body slowly,
Clawing, gnawing and slashing at your emotions and sanity.

Soon you'll join the crazies in their attempt to escape the horror that life is,
Trying to sleep forever in the midst of the storm.
When that happens there aren't any second chances,
No new leaf or rebirth,
It's a coin toss whether you stay or leave,
You're just turning gold into dust.

At the end of the day, though,
It's your choice to make.
You decide your fate, 
Whether your blood stains the walls,
Or the ashes of your remains flutter in the wind.

Well, I'm risking the chances.
Call it a dance with death,
Or flirting with fate,
I need some resolve at the very least.
So I'll stand in the middle of a field of amaranth flowers,
And light a match.
I'll burn and sizzle and I'll cry out of joy and bliss,
And I'll leave without a whisper.

Light a match and burn the tree.
Do to ruby petals breathe?


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