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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Percabeth-Jealous Jason

April 16, 2018


Jason was pacing the deck of the Argo 2. He was angry at Percy, and everyone around him for supporting Percy. Jason was tired of hearing Percy. Percy this, Percy that, he wasn’t even all that compared to Jason. Sure he was powerful but he wasn’t the son of the almighty Jupiter (Zeus whatever). Poseidon was respected in Greek but in Roman he was Neptune and they don’t even have an army by sea because Neptune wasn’t respected as much. Zeus however was the king in Greek and his Roman aspect Jupiter was the king in Roman. Percy had gone to Tartarus and that may have taken guts but he barely survived and without Annabeth he wouldn’t have came back. Jason felt that Annabeth wasn’t given enough credit either because she faced the Mark of Athena just before falling into Tartarus. Percy was the favorite son of Poseidon which was why he was given respect. He must’ve had a really sour face because he didn’t notice when Piper came up to him and stopped his pacing.
“Sparky what’s wrong with you? Ever since the war ended you seem full of anger and are separated from everyone. Come down to the mess hall and have dinner with us. Percy was the first to notice you weren’t here. Hurry up now.” Piper finished giving a quick peck on the cheek before running off. Jason was furious now. Even his own girlfriend couldn’t talk to him without bringing up that idiotic son of Poseidon. He was gonna go down there and give him a piece of his mind. Jason thumped down the steps and entered the mess hall to Percy telling a joke about the time he was on a quest and he Thaila and Grover and Zoe were at Hoover Dam (Invisible Bonus Points to anyone who remembers which book this is and what the joke is about).”
“So then Thaila started cracking up and said- Oh hey man, woah are you okay you loo-“
“Percy I don’t like you, in fact I hate you. You don’t deserve to be the leader of this ship. I’m way more powerful than you so I should be leader and ruler of this crew instead of a pipsqueak like you.” Jason said.
Everyone was speechless as Jason talked except Annabeth who spoke up.
“Jason who do you think you are talking to my boyfriend like that who is clearly way mor-“ Annabeth was stopped by Percy who put his hand over her mouth as he was trying not to laugh. Everyone else was still silent as if watching a bomb go off. 
“Looks like someone’s JELLY!”
That got some nervous laughter until Jason pulled out his Golden sword and held it at Percy’s neck while everyone else stood up and backed away.
“Jason Grace! You put that weapon down right now” Piper screamed. He simply ignored his girlfriend.
“Dude look-“ Percy started.
“I don’t wanna hear it. You are just scared Percy admit it. You hide everything like those scars on your arms. The water can only heal scars and bruises made by monsters or demigods. Why didn’t those heal then huh?” Jason said with a smug smile. Percy’s eyes widened and he quickly covered his arms with his hoodie. Unfortunate for him, the crew noticed.
“Percy..” Annabeth said.
“No.. No.. GET AWAY FROM ME I’M SORRY” Percy screamed and ran out of the hall into his cabin room.
“What a baby” Jason snorted.
“Jason you aren’t the one I loved. Come on Leo, I don’t want to date a disrespectful loser like him.” Piper said looking at Jason in disgust. Jason smile melted as Piper slapped Jason leaving a bright red mark that stung. 
Frank and Hazel averted their eyes from Jason and followed them out. Annabeth stayed behind crying until Nico, who had apparently taken Annabeth’s Yankees cap and was listening the whole time, appeared and comforted Annabeth leading her out of the room but not before growling at Jason and giving him the death stare. Jason never really liked Nico di Angelo especially after he tried befriending him and Nico ended up having a crush on Percy and befriended him. Jason gave a glare in return but was overpowered as Nico stopped in the doorway and was getting ready to pull his sword out as shadows reflected off of him. Annabeth quickly realized what was happening and got rid of her shock leading Nico to Percy’s room where everyone else has gone. Annabeth didn’t even give Jason a second glance. Jason wondered, what if I am wrong. No, I’m a Roman and Romans are always right. Percy’s a fake loser and stole everything from me that he doesn’t deserve. Annabeth and Nico reached Percy’s room to find Hazel worried and concerned knocking on the door. Piper was trying to help Leo find someway to pick the lock. Frank was trying to change shape into a snake or something that could slip under the door. Annabeth hurried over to knock on the door.
“PERCY Please open the door”
Annabeth shocked, backed up and fainted just as Nico caught her and propped her up against the wall. Jason was walking upstairs to see what was happening to Mr. Crybaby when he entered just as Annabeth fainted.
“Hey gu- Woah there what happened?”
Everyone simply ignored him as Hazel kept trying to get Percy to open the door while Nico checked Annabeth’s pulse with Piper checking her forehead. Jason walked over to see what happened to Annabeth but was stopped by a large figure in front of him.
“Don’t touch Annabeth”
Jason shocked to see Percy standing in front of him backed up a little. Apparently everyone else was just as shocked.
“Piper please tell this person to get away from me before something happens”
“Oh yeah well-“ I was gonna say before Piper interrupted.
“Jason leave. You don’t belong here at this time. Get in your cabin now” Piper said applying charmspeak. Unfortunately it worked and it was probably for the best. I headed to my cabin and closed the door without locking it. Percy turned around and grabbed Annabeth from Nico who was struggling to hold her. Percy carried Annabeth bridal style and set her down in his bed as everyone followed behind him. Annabeth’s eyes were still closed and Piper has discovered she has a fever. Nico was secretly wiping tears from his eyes and Hazel saw. They glanced at each other and knew what was happening. Annabeth was dying.
The summer after High school the demigods decided to take a visit to New Rome..

(Calypso was at Camp Half-Blood settling down and learning what had happened during her thousands of years at Ogygia)

Note: I have nothing against Jason I’m just doing this based on Fanfiction I’d read online.
Don't hurt me!
Also, I know this one's short and I took forever to write it but I was out of country when I wrote this and just finished it today. The chapters before this are 2000 words whereas this is just 1000. I promise (I think) that the next one will be longer. 
Peace ✌️.


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