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Falling leaves

September 15, 2014

PROMPT: Wild Places


My favorite place outside? Would the back deck at my house when the orange, brown, yellow, and red leaves blur when they fall all around as I laid down facing the darkish blue sky. Wearing any kind of sweat shirt because of the chilling weather and wind. The old deck made of wood sometimes makes high pitched whining noises, when the wind becomes too rough. I love the way My nose and cheeks turning red from the cold, spreading my arms and legs out the trees sway back and forth. I smile at the cold, I focus on blocking out the noise of the neighbors barking dog, some kids either being murdered or playing some kind of game, along with someone mowing their lawn.The colors all around me swirled and danced along with the wind carrying them. Smiling again I see some birds flying south. I could hear either my dad or my little sister, lauren letting allie, my dog outside. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the cold air, holding it in my lungs till I couldn't anymore. This place is my favorite kinda place.


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