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I am a amazing person who loves to read just as much as write but maybe read a little more.
The other thing is I love people to call me "The Crazy Awesome Clown Fuzzy Caterpillar named mistress" That is my name to my friends

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This a story that I wrote on a creepy writing page and entered in my friend's contest.


November 16, 2015



Creak! I sat up in my bed. I heard the floorboards creak. I looked over at my clock, 1 am, To early for mom to be home and dad was dead.
Creak! Creeeak! I heard more creaking floorboards and slowly moving footsteps coming from downstairs. I got out of bed trying not to let the bed springs make noise as I got up but failing in the end. The footsteps stopped. I knew that whoever was in the house knew I was up.
My heart was racing, what if it was a burglar trying to steal the t.v. or a murderer looking for his next victim. I heard the footsteps start up again this time heading towards the stairs but slowly. I carefully and quietly made my way to my door and slowly opened it succeeding in keeping the rusty hinges quiet.
I walked down the hall careful not to step on any loose floorboards. When I got to the top of the stairs I stopped, and listened for the footsteps. I listened for a full fifteen minutes before deciding that it was all my imagination and started heading back to my room.
When I was almost at my door I smelled rotting flesh and I knew that it wasn’t my imagination and Something was going on downstairs.
I slowly crept down the stairs and peered into the living room. at first glance I saw nothing, but as i looked closer I saw a trail of blood leading from the front door to the kitchen. I swallowed back a scream and took a step toward the kitchen.  I Heard shuffling coming from the direction I was heading . I was terrified, I picked up a pair of scissors that were sitting on the table and rounded the corner to the kitchen.
As soon as I saw what was in there I dropped the scissors and let out a bloodcurdling scream.Sitting in a chair was my now dead mother, with her head just barely holding on to her neck by a flab of skin, her arms were where her legs should’ve been and her legs replacing her  arms. I slowly started to back away when I bumped into something.
    ‘‘How wonderful it is to see you again .’’ It was my dad, the living dead. He looked like a zombie but apparently had a brain. ‘‘Aren’t you gonna give your dad a hug.’’
    I backed away shaking my head, ‘‘But….but….yo...you….you’re dead.’’ I was trembling.
    ‘‘Ah you see I’m the walking dead brought to life to kill the ones who have brought me pain, and you see, you’re last on my list, and who knows maybe you end up just like me.’’
    I started backing away again hoping to get away from this monster who was no longer my dad.
‘‘There’s nowhere to hide you’re as good as dead.’’ His voice was behind me but as soon as I turned, down came the knife.
I opened my eyes, I was in the kitchen. I sat up everything coming back to me. The monster brought down the knife killing me, so why was I awake at this very moment? I looked down and saw that i’ve become zombified, making me the monster that my dad was.
I decided that i would never hurt a soul, but than I thought, ‘‘How come I had to die and everyone else gets to live?’’ I got up vowing that I would kill every last person on this planet, and not until then will my soul be at rest. I’ll kill everyone, at every house, in every country. But who knows you might be at my next stop.


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  • FantasyWriter

    this is nightmare fuel i swear this gave me the shivers i must say your a great writer to make me look behind me to make sure your dad wasn't there....

    about 3 years ago