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Gage Cencer

United States

Final Draft of College Essay

November 16, 2015


    Throughout our days and years on Earth, we have each experienced failure in one form or another. Failure is the result of not accomplishing or fulfilling a goal. It’s impossible to never make a mistake or screw up, so failures help us develop and improve as we move forth in life. Personally we all can reflect off of very impactful failures that have varying meaning in our lives. With this said not all failures are bad or should put someone down. We push past the failures to correct the mistakes and try again and again to finally get the hard earned success we deserve.
    From person to person a failure can mean many things. To me a failure is just a rough start, a bump in the road. If you can move past them, they are not failures but the bricks that build your road to success. For me the more recent impactful failure was over an important certification test. This test not only changed my career path, it also taught me the importance of not winging it and hoping for the best. This made me finally realize that every little thing regarding my grades and education highly matter.
    This certain failure did not sit well with me when I first got it. In an attempt to correct or fix the failure I retook the test. This time I had apparently studied the wrong stuff for the test. Not only have I failed it yet again, but I got nearly the same score. After this attempt I decided not to retake it again and move on. This made me completely change the job opportunity or career, I will be qualified for. From hopefully a Computer Support Person, to now, striving to become a Machinist.
    With this new career and field of trade set before me, I was excited for a new chance in a hands on trade. Though the feeling of defeat has lingered ever since. It has made me afraid that I will fail the next big test I ever need to succeed and pass. I also lost connection with all of my friends I had made in the Info tech program at TEC. While I was able to see them still it was not the same. Now I had to focus on dealing with my Metal Machining class. While it seemed daunting and rough and first I had finally seen the simplicity in it. All I need to do to do well in this trade is try my best and never give up. If I learned anything from this failure, it is to know when to give up and that persistence is key.    
    Through this failure I had turned it around to get the best of what it had given me. It has given me a chance to actually perform at my level of interest and ability. Not only do I get an entire trade skill to learn that's dedicated to hands on learning. It will also allow me to pursue a career or further my education after high school. Even the smallest thing like a failed race or the biggest thing like losing your job, can help us further ourselves internally and socially.


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    Hi, Gage! You might consider doing the college essay writing collective and posting this piece there. Lots of people in that group are willing to give reviews!

    about 3 years ago