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American Samoa

The ocean (A slam poem)

April 9, 2018


Every morning I wake up with a vision. A vision of purpose. A vision of hope. I always walk out my door with the open mind of a baby bird just waiting to fly off into this gigantic world. Every morning I wake up, I am the same yet new naive girl that I was yesterday and the day before following all of my cradling years of nothing but hope for this messed up humanity. In life, our minds are filled wit expectations ... Expectations of what a "real human being" is. We're told to always look for the best in others but what they really mean is look for the best only in people who look like you, talk like you, and act like you. Never long to search for anything different because different is bad. Different is the key to anarchy. We're told to always look both ways before crossing the street and not just the street in which cars ride on but the street of life. They tell us to look both ways but what they really mean is when you start to turn left in the direction of your dreams redirect and turn right in the direction of society's plans for us. Never have your own goals. Always be the person everyone wants you to be. Don't worry about the pressure or pain and sorrow of never showing real human emotions. Nobody loves a whiner they say. The tears that flow down our faces like a cascade on a waterfall are nothing to be feared. The're only ... The resemblance of the blood of our exhaustion from trying to keep up with the "Image". I remember in Kindergarten I was always ... ALWAYS told to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. I had no idea that that rule only applied to a certain clan of people. It only applied to rich and prideful and to the blood and kin of those in charge. Listen and look closely. Society is but a political sign that reads " Come with us. Be like us or never be loved" This is the kind of brain washing that is planted into our heads by the most cruel species ever created. It wasn't intended to be this way. God made one man and one woman as equals. A woman is made of part of a mans rib therefore we are one. The "typecast" rule was created long down the line by a group of individuals who couldn't handle the unbearable truth. Because if they did, They would have to not only admit that they don't rule the world but they would have to come at peace with the realism of life itself and that would just be too much wouldn't it? I write this passage with a challenge. The challenge is to for once in your life, break away. Just let go. Feel that breezy whisper that hits your face every moment you step onto the grass that has been laid out to remind you of life. Listen to the ocean as it roars for acceptance from the human world and as it is but a placeholder for it's sea life. Be the ocean. Be the place a creature can call home. Be the reason the waves crash upon the land of opportunity. Just be the ocean. Be the left side of the road when lost souls are on a long and painful journey to the right side. Better yet, be the reason the right turns left. Be the reason the right side is a choice and not a so called "requirement". Do you feel that? It's called acceptance. True acceptance. Self acceptance. Be your beautiful, loving, kind, opinionated, stubborn, adventurous self. It's okay. It will be okay ... 


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