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Writing is but one of the ways a quiet mind can scream at the World for its stupidity, but the only way an Introvert can truly open the eyes of the World and prove it.
- From an Introvert's Mind to an Extrovert World.

Message from Writer

I'm one of the most introverted people you will ever meet, so if I don't warm up immediately, its not your fault.

Eyes as Pale as the Moon

November 17, 2015

    To the World we were freaks, but our abilities were just second nature. We were kept separated in clear locked rooms with thick glassed walls, as we were stronger together. But still with our strength we abused our cells until the glass cracked, webs expanding until air from outside the rooms seeped through; and what ever poison they made us breathe dispersed. By then one of us would disappear, taken by white coats only to return shaking and weak. It happened again and again, all the while hearing what tortures exhausting our siblings at the back of our minds like an echo.

                                                                            And suddenly we were free.

    A breach, a breakout, sirens scrieking with a fear for what was escaping, light flashing and painting the walls, red,white,red. In final desperate attempts glass shattered and hit the ground, and clawed feet met tile, loins popped, limbs shited and stretched, faces changed. The automatic doors were already broken open and gave no resistence, and claws sank into fresh earth for the first time in months. Foreign voices from our own throats rose and colours of fur flashed through the thickening trees. Black,white, grey, a blue so dark it seemed black. And when we were far from that place we stopped. Time slowed down and silence enveloped us.

     This was the world where we had control. This secluded sanctuary where our secondary forms received only looks of fascination, not ones of scorn. We became the predators. If you look into that forest now, you would see no movement, hear no sound; you would only see four pairs of pale white orbs, and even those only for a moment. Long enough to have you question whether or not you acually saw us.


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