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Writing is but one of the ways a quiet mind can scream at the World for its stupidity, but the only way an Introvert can truly open the eyes of the World and prove it.
- From an Introvert's Mind to an Extrovert World.

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November 16, 2015

PROMPT: Returning

    The world might not know its name, but it was home. My tiny, compressed town, that was an island in May when it rained for two weeks straight and the highways around us flooded. My miniscule town of less than 4,000 people that, to others, was perfectly normal, but to a school district, the population made all the difference. My home, where the high school band hadn't had any luck with its state competition until its first win in 2013. Where the debate team finally won state, and the senior cross country runner came back with the fastest time and a state medal. The root of my world since I was three years old and my dad came back from Korea just after 9/11. Years of scrapped knees and garden snakes, armies of kittens that suddenly made a place in our garage and steadily multiplied until we couldn't care for them. The start of a fear of dogs after and unexpected Christmas present and the first real pain of loosing someone to the Grim Reaper himself.
    Whitesboro isn't much, but it's home. I remember running out into the rain and staying up watching my window light up with lightning until I woke up the next morning wondering when I passed out. Sneaking out at a young age just to see the starts and listen to the silence that would disappear once the sun rose and wouldn't return until the next night. Walking down to the library and devouring the books until I reached high school and any free time was spent on homework and projects that left me cursing at my history teacher. When my childish fascination finally vanished and was replaced with wanting to just sleep half the day away and praying for holiday breaks to hurry up the moment the first of the month came. Developing such intense social anxiety that teachers almost couldn't believe that I even knew how to speak until the day lived in infamy came my last year of middle school. 
    If you didn't already live in Whitesboro you wouldn't know the stories of the disasters that led to the death of multiple trees at the intermediate school, how we made the news for a bomb threat made to frame someone's rival, the pranks and vandilizism that put a star football player in jail. 

You'd hear students call Whitesboro a hell hole and you wouldn't understand why because while Whitesboro appears perfectly normal, and while it's home, there are things that have gone on an outsider just wouldn't understand.


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