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How To Fail High School

November 15, 2015

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How to Fail High School!
Congrats, newly minted high school student!
You have just started high school, next comes the classes, teachers, testing, and homework. And that's when you must do what many high school students do: fail every class and have no hopes and dreams of ever making it to college.
Failing high school is a long-standing tradition with many high school students;, about 25% of high school freshman fail to graduate on time, and nearly 1.2 million high school students in the US drop out of high school completely.  
It’s not just high school students who fail their schooling. For those who make it to college wind up with failing grades as well. Nearly 29% of college students drop out and never finish getting their degrees. Many people have failed high school before, and now so can you! With my Hoe to Fail High School in 10 easy steps.
Ten essentials, to get you started:
  1. Screw up, deny it, then argue with you teacher until you are so behind on work, and your grades drop so low you can never pick them up again. That's what many high school students do.  
  2. Never do your homework, ever. Start the year out with good grade but then never do your homework. Putting you in danger of horrible grades at any given moment.
  3. Take honors classes. Take them even if you hate doing your work for school. Nearly 60% of students fail honors classes that they choose to take.
  4. To those who pass their honors class, may take advanced placement classes. Take them even if you know you will have a struggle in the class because you could hardly pass the honors class the year before. 50% of all high school students taking AP classes end up failing their AP final exams.
(US taxpayers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years to nudge more students into AP classes, but with a quick look at the test scores suggest that the money went to waste. While the AP class enrolment rate has skyrocketed, the number of kids failing did as well. With data analyzed by POLITICO, in 2012 1.3 million students failed their AP exams during their high school career.)  
  1. Skip school, just for the fun of it. 7.5 million students miss a month of school each year increasing their like hood of failing or dropping out. The findings, from education researcher Robert Balfanz of Johns Hopkins University, says “It’s estimated that 10% to 15% of students nationwide are "chronically absent" from school, missing enough class time to be at "severe risk" of dropping out.”
  2. Go to the school counselors but don’t take advice from high school counselors. As a student going to counselor's office can improve your grades. Going over your current transcript with the counselor to ensure that you has received appropriate credit and grades for all classes, according to “A transcript is also useful for noticing patterns in academic performance, identifying weak spots, and discussing how to maintain or raise the grade point average.” Meeting with your counselor at least once a year before scheduling classes can improve your success in high school.   
  3. Cheat on your work for school. Doing this will almost guarantee failing high school. In a survey of 24,000 students at 70 high schools, found that 64% of students admitted to cheating on a test, 58% admitted to plagiarism and 95% said they participated in some form of cheating, whether it was on a test, plagiarism or copying homework. Leading to the fact that 75% of student who cheat end up failing.
  4. Ignore your teacher like it won't ever make a difference. Heck, even fall asleep in class. At least 60% of the students who ignore their teacher fail the class along with another 30% of the students who sleep in class fail.
  5. Just do your work like you're supposed to. Do your homework, listen to the teacher, and get good grades. Soon enough  people will find your flaws and slowly pick away at them until you have nothing left.  
  6. Surround yourself with people who don't care. People who who could care less if their grades dropped let alone yours. You can see your grades drop faster than boulder in water.
See, kid? You can fail high school too! So order my How to Fail High School series now. It might just cost you your future.


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