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The Heart of the Poet

April 8, 2018

Images flooding her mind
​a hurricane of constant thoughts
if you knew her you would find
​Her heart was that of a poet.

​She lived her in the in between
​of reality and memory
​She's felt emotions never seen
lived experiences she's never had

​fingers flying across the keyboard
​words appear across the page
​creating a musical chord
​or a breeze carrying the sent of mint or sage

​And dreams so out there
​the world would laugh
​Dreams that only a poet would dare
​to even attempt to think possible

​And from her finger tips
dripped emotion
​And the words from her lips
​could alter everything you thought you knew

​Her eyes were bold
observing everything
​And recycling it into stories not told
​Recreating what was and is to come

​thoughts and feelings on a page
​Rising up in abstract grace
​Refusing to remain in the world's cag​e
​looking at things in different light

​She had a fire about her
that so few could understand
​words more valuable than gold or myrrh
​Stories that turned the world around

​She is care-free and willing to learn
​Letting the storm pound her with threats
​Allowing her emotions to simply burn
​Because in her heart, she is a poet.



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1 Comment
  • manar

    I truly loved this, so much feelings, so beautiful talent... Good luck!

    about 2 years ago