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Detective Rockwell: Chapter One

April 7, 2018


“Why is he in charge?!” A detective, named Dominic Harley, asked his supieor, Clyde Hancock.

”Well technically, I am,” Hancock said.

”But you made him lead investigator!” Harley yelled.

”I’m right here you know,” The man they were talking about, Norman Rockwell, said.

”Ah, Detective Rockwell,” Hancock said,”You are informed on the case?”

”No, not yet,” Rockwell said.

”See!” Harley yelled,”He doesn’t even-“

”I’ll inform him,” Hancock said,”The victim’s name is Detective Clark Nelson. He seems to have been shot in the head.”

”Was Detective Nelson investigating anything?” Rockwell asked.

“No, he took off today,” Harley said.

Rockwell walked up to the body. Someone tapped him on the shoulder.

”Good morning, Constable Roland,” Rockwell said.

Rod was taken aback. “How’d you know it was me?”

”You seem to be the only constable around when I investigate,” Rockwell said,”Not that I mind.”

”I assume Chief Inspector Hancock filled you in?” Ronald asked.

”Just a tiny amount,” Rockwell said,”How’s the investigation going?”

”We just started,” Roland said,”All we really know is that Nelson was shot. The medical examiner hasn’t even came yet!”

”I see,” Rockwell said,”So we have no suspects?”

”Yes sir.” Roland affirmed.

Rockwell looked at the body. Nelson was lying face down on the street, with dried blood on his head. There was a gun near his hands.

”Was that the murder weapon?”

”Yes,” Roland nodded,”It was Nelson’s own gun, it doesn’t seem to be relegated to the police at all.”

”How many times was it fired?” Rockwell asked.

”Er, once?” Roland guessed.

”Well,” Rockwell said,”My money is on the fact it was fired twice.”


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  • Lee Fudge

    What really? I didn’t know that.

    over 1 year ago
  • f l o r a

    P s s t

    Norman Rockwell is the name of a famous artist, I don’t know if the name has any connection to this character, but I felt the strong urge to point that out.

    over 1 year ago