Rejjia Camphor

United States

4:00 am, October 11, 1838

November 14, 2015


It started with expansion, a desire to grow
The vision of more farmers and more plough
The Greedy White Man and his hatred to see
That this is Indian Land, leave it to thee.

A nation of crops, land, and money
Would create a gov’t so republic, so wise and sunny
That equilibrium would live across the land
But something happened, something unplanned

A War, The War of 1812,
Which was influenced from the embargo shelve
And from the impressment of the U.S Ships
Another cause was the White Man native trips

This War was fought to resolve trade
And the British somehow got the Indians swayed
So it was France vs. British vs. Americans vs, Indians
A war not very blunt and never to be Oblivion

This war was won by no real victor
So the white men had the Indians move with scripture
And Indian Territory would prevail
And Westward Expansion would not fail

But I Tecumseh did try to stop it
By gathering five thousand and revolting by fit
On the bank of Tallapoosa River in Alabama and said
We must fight head to head, until either dead or fled.

So we fought with British in the battle of Thames
Were I was killed with other Mens
And they took my land and made my people surrender
But it’s okay because my people will venter

So even though they made us Move Over, Move Over Now,
That land they settle on will always be ours, it’s in our vow
And since I said my father is the sun and my mother the earth,
I gladly gave my life for land because it was that of worth.

Live your life is all I ever say
And never let fear ever get in your way
Beauty all things that you witness in your life
And protect your orgins, even by strife.


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