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Profiles on Helvectica’s Robot’s

April 6, 2018


MK. 1 
Year Created: 2017.
Specialty: Unpredictability.
Aliases: Jskjdoejx (He created during a glitch episode, he got attached to it.).
Reward: A Shiny Coin (The book, not an actual coin.).
Description: Due to being the first Helvectica MK (Manufactured Killer), He is glitchy and unpredictable. He has killed someone, but is constantly getting fixed due to his buggy nature, forcing him not to do his job.

MK. 2
Year Created: 2017.
Specialty: Stealth.
Aliases: Peter Martin.
Reward: A bunch of bird corpses.
Description: This is the first MK to have a personality, being shy, yet spontaneous, which makes no sense what so ever. He apparently tries does his job, but is way to shy to go up to his targets, asking him almost impossible to use.

MK. 3
Year Created: 2017.
Specialty: Manipulation.
Aliases: Damon Schmidt.
Reward: Prize money with some taken in taxes.
Description:  One of the few MKs to do their job, MK. 3 created various game shows toke contestants kill each other, be indirectly killed, or, on occasion, kills them himself. 

MK. 4
Year Created: 2017
Specialty: Infiltration.
Aliases: RayliseShipperNo1 (Really Sad Stuff Wiki Admin) AssassianRoboGirl (Social Media) Jessica Stanton.
Reward:The safety of the “Really Sad Stuff” cast.
Description: While she is quite skilled at her job, she often does anything but her job. She watches the action dance drama, “Really Sad Stuff”, and frequently uses her skills to stalk the cast.

MK. 5
Year Created: 2017 (Destroyed in December.).
Specialty: None.
Aliases: None.
Reward: None.
Description: Due to being racist, he was the only MK being kept from doing his job.

Year Created: 2018. 
Specialty: Lying (He doesn’t want to though.).
Aliases: Claude Thompson.
Reward: You’d kill a kid?
Description: Acts like a cute little kid, but can rip off your arms and beat you with them. Also apparently has a girlfriend.

MK. 6 and a half.
Year Created: 2018.
Speciality: Being a good boy.
Aliases: Halfy.
Reward: I mean, if you can get to him...a bagel?
Description: Dr. Helvectica wanted a dog, but was to lazy to go to the pet store, so he made a robot one. He’s still a MK though, and is one of the only ones that do their job.

MK. 7 and MK. 8
Year Created: 2018.
Speciality: Fundraising.
Aliases: Dan Austin and Stan Houston, respectively.
Reward: Coupons for weeks.
Description: Created at the same time, they consider themselves twins. They founded a summer camp specifically for killing misbehaving children, as to Helvectica’s plan for the future.


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