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Mind Snatcher

November 16, 2015

    "Look me in the eye and tell me no!" Walder's voice rang around the small prison cell. When the other prisoners stirred in their sleep, Walder took a deep breath and whispered, "I know these have been hard times, but you need to confess." The prisoner strapped to the chair threw his head back and howled with laughter. Walder was quite aware of the others waking up. He leaned forward, stuffing the gag into the prisoner's mouth. That muffled his laughter for the moment. "Stop it! I need to go soon, and I'll kill you if I don't get the information I need!" Walder hissed at the man. He hoped the prisoner would not call his bluff; Walder couldn't kill anyone. The man spit out the gag. "It does not matter!" His voice was like nails down a chalkboard. "I use this body only to reside somewhere. I need not a live body!" Walder scrunched his face in puzzlement. He had a habit of wearing his heart on his sleeve. A flicker of memory became a roaring fire. The Mind-Snatcher! He had heard stories of it as a young boy, but he never thought it to be true. Horror creeping over every limb, Walder felt the prisoner's wrist for a pulse. He franticly sought for other signs of life, but there were none. This man - or body - was long dead. Walder relized his hand was smoking. He tried to rip his hand from the prisoner's arm, but it was stuck. Walder did the only thing he could think of.
    Here's a good life lesson. Don't cut off your hand with a rusty butterknife. Walder's scream was all the sleeping prisoners' needed to wake up. The prisoners took in the scene. A dead fellow prisoner lying at the feet of a man with a bloodied buttterkife in hand. "You hurt one of us, you go through all of us!" Walder looked up to see a giant man with bruised knuckles and a scarred face looming over him. Walder glanced around for en exit, but was trapped by a circle of hundreds of prisoners. Walder gave the men the biggest, most reassuring smile he had. It turned out as a worried grimace. "Now, boys. I'm sure we don't need to get graphic, do we?" From the look on the prisoners' faces, it was clear they saw Walder as their punching bag. He wailed as they picked Walder up like a rag doll and threw him in a dark stall.
    "Well, Walder. nice try." Through his tears, Walder saw a dapper man drinking tea. Mind-Snatcher. "What should I call you in this body? Sir Snatcher?" The question was sarcastic and mocking, but the man smiled a cold smile. "Yes, that will do. Now perphaps you will come with me?" Walder snorted and turned his back to Sir Snatcher. Sir Snatcher sighed. "Walder, Walder, Walder. Do you relize I am your only way out? Even without facing him, Walder knew he wore that victorious smirk. He grimaced. As much as Walder hated it, what Sir Snatcher claimed was true. There was no other way out. Walder summoned all his stregth, and turned to face him. It does not take much to make Walder cry, and the triumphed look on Sir Snatcher's face was enough. Walder broke down blubbering. When Walder collected himself and opened his mouth to tell Sir Snatcher what he wanted to hear, Sir Snatcher let his china teacup to fall from his fingers. The shatter of china sent Walder back into hysterics.
    Taking one last sniffle, Walder rubbed the last tear from his eyes. "Done?" Sir Snatcher said snidely. Walder glared at him, but nodded. "If you get me out of here, and unhand me after, I will give you this." Walder held up a sparkling diamond and gold ring. He had won it gambling, a game Walder was very bad at, but paid the card shuffler to give him only the best cards. Walder was that type of man, a cheater and a liar. That being said, Walder fully intended to ditch Sir Snatcher when they got out. Sir Snatcher's eyes widened, and Walder could practically see rainbows in his eyes. "'Tis what I've been waiting for! A lovely thing such as that belongs in my possesion!" Sir Snatcher's face flared with greed. "A deal! I will let you run when we are out in exchange for that ring!" Walder grinned, and they shook on it. 


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