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Ode to My Grandpapa

April 21, 2018

Final goodbye was never said,
Diamonds and rubies rolling down
Stories not yet to be told and
never to be told evermore.

Silent fires
Ashes rising
Not a single breath
Not a single word
No smiles
No laughs

You have left
For evermore

I know that I should let you out of my head
to leave you to rest in your porcelain bed

But the memories I hold, will not go away
Only remind me of pain, remind me of

Sometimes when the darkness falls,
I close my eyes to remember once more
How it felt to be with you

Sometimes when I am alone,
I look up to the sky and whisper to myself
Why? Why?
But never will I hear your answer; I know that and always have

Sometimes when things get hard, I look at our old pictures
Of you, of me
Of everything we did together
Of everything I learned from you
Sometimes everything makes me cry

Because it still hurts to think of you
It’s everyday that I promise myself to let you go, to set you

It’s everyday that I hold back,
that I resist
that I refuse

Because it hurts to keep you
but it hurts even more to let you

If you see me,
If you hear me,
Please don’t be sad
don’t make my grief,
grieve you too

But please remember
Remember – this once
That I have always loved you
And that I always will.


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