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A Breif History Of Helvectica

April 5, 2018


Helvectica Labs was founded in 1945 by Perseus “Percy” Helvectica. He is credited for being the inventor of the the “Bot” series, starting with Contructbot, a robot used for construction.

Helvectica Labs become famous for creating robots for military purposes, mostly selling them to the combatants of the Korean War. The first, Gatlingbot, a robot that uses a machine gun, is still produced this day. 

When Persues died due to illness in 1967, his son Anders Helvectica took over as head of the lab. Andes decided to create robots for domestic use, inventing the first cleaning robot in 1968. He soon started reproducing Bot models that could help benefit society. 

However, in 1985, Anders Helvectica was murdered by an unidentifiable model robot, leading to a distrust in the robot industry. Ander’s son, Julius took over as head of the comapny in 1985. 

Julius turned back to Helvectica’s military program, creating a robot for the sole purpose of assassinating people. These models would known as ”Mks” the first of which being MK. 1. Julius somehow created robots with personalities, which made them terribly annoying and cause them not to do their job.

Julius’s motives are currently unknown, but he may have an odd desire to get rid of criminals.
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  • Glytch Montoya


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  • Lee Fudge

    Sure, I’ll do it tomorrow!

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  • Glytch Montoya

    This has been very helpful...
    ...Any chance you could do a brief history of the "Mks" next?

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