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Benjamin Snyder

United States

The Near Future

November 13, 2015


                                                                                The Near Future
    Sometimes in life, you have to take a few moments to step back and look at the big picture and ask yourself one question, “What do I really want to do in the future?”  In my life, that time has come being a senior in high school and planning for the long road ahead. Deciding what interests you is a major step in determining your college future. Along with this, there are many things that could influence you to take interest in that major, like having a relative in that field, or the environment in which you live. Multiple things can influence you in your choice, but in the end, it all comes down to you.
    That’s where I come in. After much thought for the past year or so, my interests have taken me to the field of chemistry. Chemistry, to me, is one of the greatest science subjects I think; it takes you to the building blocks of elements that make life possible. I was first introduced to chemistry during my sophomore year in high school. It opened my eyes to the many things that are made up of particles and elements, how they are produced, and what processes they form naturally. To me, it also digs deeper to how life is formed compared to the information given in biology. Plus, chemistry entertains that little kid inside a person because they get to “play” with fire, handle “deadly” chemicals, and create amazing reactions with a mixture of substances.
    School wasn’t the only reason why I took up the interest in chemistry. There was a fair amount of family influence and internal feelings. Part of my internal feelings came from always wanting to help people. My family and I have always put others before ourselves; and if you think about some chemistry careers, part of it would be creating chemicals that aren’t harmful to humans and could actually help them.  Family influences comes from having relatives in the medical field. I have an uncle who is a physician, who studied chemistry and felt that it was very helpful. He has talked to me about his job and the education he received, and that greatly helped me determine that I wanted to study chemistry.
    The choices I have made and the influences that have helped me to decide to study chemistry and continue my educational path. Hopefully I have made the right decisions and continue to be successful down the road. In the end, I hope that in passing this major it’ll give me the chance to pursue my career of becoming a doctor of radiology.


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