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I am a Christian writer that aspires to become better in the realm of words. God and His Word are my inspiration, because, hey, He's WAY more published than I am. ;) Also, I love character creating and Ducktales (don't judge).

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Past is Past and So Is He

April 4, 2018


  “What time is it?”  Bec Boone stared up into the sky.  Storm clouds.... it seemed like dark clouds were all around her anymore, even when it wasn’t cloudy out.
  “It’s almost three o’clock in the morning,” Neal Elliot answered, glancing down at his watch.  She nodded her head.  Of course it was.  Whenever they thought they had extra time to deal with, they didn’t.  
  “We’re in this for the victims of 1-13, right?” she asked, knowing his answer.
  “Of course,” he replied, sticking a magazine into his handgun.  He aimed the barrel out at the lake and smiled a little.  “Although, I never knew you to need a reason to pop at a few Apolliumi deadbeats.”  
  Bec felt her heart drop down a bit into into her stomach.  She fingered at her own gun, cold and ready to fire.  Did he really think so low and basic of her?  Of course, it wasn’t a big deal what Elliot thought, he was just Elliot.  Shaking off the pity, she got her head back in the game.  “Every shot should be for a good cause and Commander Pullman’s death is cause enough for me.”  
  Elliot didn’t answer that, he only grabbed a piece of gum out of his bag and unwrapped it.  Popping it into his mouth, he rested back onto the grass.  She watched as he laid there, chewing and messing with his gun.  “What are you doing?” she asked, standing.  
  He looked up at her as if he had just remembered she existed.  He sat up and grabbed his pack.  “James says he chews on a piece of gum before every close encounter.  I say, if it works for him, why not try it myself?”  He stood and grinned at her.  “His is mint gum though.  All I have is the fruity-punch kind.  Butttt... since it’s the punch flavor, it ought to help me pack a better punch, right?”  
  Bec rolled her eyes.  “You’re not serious.”
  His grin faded as they began trudging through the forest.  He didn’t say anything for a long time and she was almost glad of it.  Elliot had a tongue that could trail and on for hours.  It did help to pass the time but she didn’t really want it to.  She enjoyed just listening to her own thoughts sometimes, but with him around, that was practically impossible.  
  The forest was shivering with frost and a chill wind.  Funny enough, she had never been to Colorado before.  I seemed a lot like anywhere else but it’s air felt thinner and icier than her normal.  Elliot thumped and crunched the ground with every step so she couldn’t take in all of the forest sounds, but one memorable sound was the loud call of a raven.    
  That was the only sound she didn’t want to hear right now.  The sound brought images and the images brought pain.  At the mere sound of the throaty cry, she shivered.  The cold around her hadn’t been a bother until then.  
  “I’m sorry about being goofy back there,” Elliot opened, interrupting her erie feelings.  She welcomed anything he had to say this time, as long as it clouded the sound of the ravens.  “I was just trying make you laugh or even just smile.”
  “I don’t mind it, really I don’t.  I’m just in an irritable mood.”  In all reality, she was always in an irritable mood.  Elliot wouldn’t by it, but the point was, he wouldn’t question it.  They continued in silence for awhile again and the images began to creep up again.  The one thing she couldn’t ever remove from her memory was his cold, hazy eyes.  In the end they were no longer a happy blue, they were grey and dull and completely soul piercing.  Those eyes burned into her memory, causing a lot of his other memories to fade.
  Bec stuck her gun in its holster and wrapped her arms around her, rubbing her shoulders of the bitter frost that crept up them.  Whether what she felt was real or just emotions, she couldn’t tell.  All she knew was that it was cold and making her teeth begin to bounce and chatter.  
  “Slow down,” Elliot called, jogging a little to keep up.  She hadn’t noticed how fast she had been walking just to keep warm.  She had left Elliot in his meandering within in seconds.  He caught up to her and tore off his jacket.  Before she could make an objection, he draped the jacket and arm over her shoulders, hugging her to him.  
  His body heat was still radiating off of the fleecy cover and it welled her up with comfort but she couldn’t except it, no matter how much she wanted it.  “Thanks, but I’ll be fine, Elliot.”  She pulled away from his arm and he let go.  His jacket fell off of her shoulders onto a bed of wet pine needles.  
  He snatched it up and glared at her.  “At least take the jacket.  You know you’re freezing.”  
  She stared back at him, watching his stern look change into a pleading one.  They were normally about the same height but, because of the uneven ground, she stood a bit over him.  This is the way she had always looked at Neal Elliot, shorter and softer than her.  As he took a few steps to come face to face with her, their eyes met on the same level.  For once, she could actually understand why he was softer than her.  He didn’t mind opening himself up, at least not to her.  
  “Take it,” he repeated, holding the jacket out to her.  If she took the jacket, would she be opening up to him?  She hoped he wouldn’t take it like that.  All he wanted was to get into her thoughts, just like everyone else.  They all wanted to pity her for what she’d been through.  
  “I don’t need it,” she replied, turning her eyes back to the path ahead of them.  There in the path, standing about seven yards away from them, was a raven.  It pecked a few needles before staring right at her.
  “Yes, you do,” Elliot reasoned, “and I’m not walking a step further until you put it on.”  
  Bec shivered and looked back into his eyes, hazel and smiling like always.  She tore her eyes back to the raven on the path and grabbed the jacket from his hands.  She didn’t look him back in the face but she knew he had to be grinning.  The raven flew off and advanced on the path again.  It cawed and crowed as it flew and landed behind them somewhere.  
  With a few more shivers and chatters, she pulled the arms of Elliot’s thick, warm jacket over hers.  His size was barely a size bigger than hers.  He wasn’t a broad boy, that was for sure.  He was a short, thin man with sandy hair that he had spiked in the front in an effort to make him seem taller.  Elliot had always been a man of efforts, ever since she had first met him it was obvious.  He tried anything and everything and was admired for his attempts and, often, his achievements from them.  
  “Thank you,” she muttered, after she had warmed up enough to talk to him again.  “I’m sorry for being indignant about it.”  She glanced over at him and sighed when she saw his wide grin.  
  “I suppose I can forgive you,” he teased.  
  “I didn’t ask your forgiveness,” she muttered as he walked closer to her.  
  “Regardless, I give it to you,” he smiled, lifting his handgun from his holster and rubbing at the barrel.  “Not to change the subject, but we’re nearing one of the off points.  You should probably pull your ‘bang-bang’ out.”  He chuckled at himself before walking ahead of her to survey the surroundings.  It wasn’t his turn to head first, but he was already there, so she didn’t make a fuss.  
  Bec rubbed her hands together before pulling her gun out with her left hand and cocking it.  She pointed it at the dirt away from her body and followed close after Elliot, keeping her eyes peeled for signs of Apolliumi.  Spotting something, he gave her a hand signal, that she didn’t have time to read, and sprinted into some weeds and trees.  When she lost sight of him, her senses heightened, and she took slow, cautious steps after him, examining her surroundings.  
  She hoped his signal wasn’t a “follow” one or a “danger” one, but she didn’t think it was either, due to his sudden sprint forward.  Bec slid behind a tree and stared out in the direction they had come from.  At the sound of a gunshot, she dropped into the tall weeds around her and crawled towards where Elliot had disappeared.  
  When she spotted him standing over the weeds and looking about for her, she slowly rose to meet him.  He nodded for her to look and she found herself standing next to him him, in front of an oozing body.  Her eyes caught sight of the flaming arrow insignia on the right wrist.  It was the body of an Apolliumi.  When she saw the fresh hole in the dirty, bloodstained head, she shot a look back up at Elliot.  
  “He couldn’t have given is any bit of information.  He was practically dead already,” he replied.  Bec looked away and shook her head.  Part of her wanted to scold him for handing out mercy but, he was Elliot, and there was no scolding his character.  “I don’t think we’ll be finding Charlie any time soon,” he continued.  “They’ve either killed him and left or taken him with.  If we haven’t found a body yet, I’d say the second is most likely.”  
  Bec nodded and looked down at the boots of the body.  “They didn’t find the find time to help this fellow, that’s for certain.  Clean up had to be last on their agenda.”  
  “And if they took Charlie, why leave James?  He had to be clearly breathing to everyone who took a glance at him.”  Elliot rested his right forearm on his head and looked around.  “Nobody’s shot us yet either, so they’re probably all gone.”  
  Bec let out an exasperated groan and pulled him along through the forest again.  They had to be missing something.  If they left an Apolliumi alive and dying, there had to be some reason for their hasty exit.  They couldn’t have known that the PRO were coming, could they have?


  “You have no idea how gorgeous you look right now, do you, Becca?” his words came back as she listen to more of the raven calls.   Elliot had gone to the clearing to get a better phone signal and she was contented to stay in the forest and keep her eyes peeled.  However, her contentment had instantly drained when the sound of raven crows reached her ears again.  She leaned back against an oak and sank into Elliot’s jacket, hoping that it would somehow shield her from her own thoughts.  
  “We’re a team and we’ll always be.”  Ugh!  She couldn’t stop listening to the past.  “Now, you meet me back here, alright, and we’ll have a celebration you’ll never forget,” his voice echoed through her head some more.  
  “Shut up,” she mumbled aloud.  
  “I’ll watch your back.”
  “And I’ll watch yours,” she had said, “always....”
  She had choked on that word at the time and now she knew why.  In the back of her mind she knew, she knew somehow that “always” wasn’t going to be the truth.  
  “Always,” he had replied with the softest tone she had ever heard come out of his mouth. “I’d say those are about as good as vows for now, right?”  
  Bec felt her face begin to get steamy and she snapped her eyes shut.  “No,” she mumbled aloud into the frosty forest air.  “You were as good as a vow.”  She remembered the last bit of everything clearly, the kiss goodbye, the shots of battle, the ravens... oh... she remembered them well.  
  The one time she sees him across the battle field is the one time he falls, the time he drops to the dirt like a limp noodle.  “So, just shut up,” she muttered again, hoping his voice would end.  
  “I’ll never stop loving you, Becca.”
  “Ugh!  I said shut up!”  She jumped to her feet and opened her eyes to see Elliot almost in front of her.  
  “I didn’t say anything, Bec.”  He reached out slowly and took the gun out of her shaking hands.  She loosed her fingers from the weapon and fell back to the dirt.  Her cheeks felt hotter than ever now as she held back tears that Elliot would clearly see.  A stone.... she was supposed to be a stone, and yet, there she was, falling into an abyss of spinning emotions.  She gulped back sobs and stared away from him, biting at her slipping lip.  
  Elliot knelt down at her side and gave her a sympathetic grin.  “Garrett?” he questioned.  
  Bec only glanced at him for a second before staring back out at the forest.  She swallowed back all of her emotions and put as much restraint on her memories as possible.  Garrett Clifford was too memorable to forget, so how long did she think she could keep her heart tight against him?  Elliot knew who he was and he wasn’t afraid of her emotions popping but she was all to weary against the man and Elliot.  She finally nodded her head to his question.  Garrett’s memory was set on being a pest.  
  “You know you don’t have to hide all that, right?  You’ve got me and all the rest of the squad.  We understand wounds better than anybody.”  Elliot was sincere but she still couldn’t look at him.  
  “I know but some of us just have to be stronger,” she replied, raising her chin and steadying her hands.  She stood up with a little wobble in her stature but, when he tried to help her, she shook him off.  “Garrett is in the past and so is the rest of our problems.  I’m fine, so we should just get back to the mission.  What did Maximus say?”  She breathed regularly and fixed her eyes ahead.  
  “Are you sure?”
  “Yes,” she snapped, “now, what did he say?”  
  Elliot looked a little dejected out of the corner of her eye but that meant she had control of her situation again, she was Bec Boone again, not Becca.  “He told us to finish up the rounds and then head over to the hospital.  Cor and him are already there.  Lew and Rhodes just finished their half of the field.”  His voice was low and submissive, yet scornful, in way.  
  Ignoring his irritation, she stood straight and intent.  She was going to finish there goal and never, ever let that awful thing happen again.  Garrett was gone and blubbering and thinking about him wasn’t ever going to bring him back. 
This is a short story off of my WIP.  I know my grammar is probably atrocious but I hope you can still understand each of their points of view.  Thank you for reading.


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  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Yeah I see what you mean. My siblings say I'm most like Dewey. But I like Louie more cuz he always has the funny lines. (Even tho he is kinda a jerk)

    over 3 years ago
  • SadieI.aM.

    Foxmillionaire, I would have to agree, but I felt like they were still a little bit different. Huey seemed to always get captured or get into trouble, Dewey was kind of the leader all of the time, and Louie was the one lagging behind. Those are only slight differences but, somehow, they stay rather consistent throughout the old one. I do like the new one for it's focus of their different personalities, though. :)

    over 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Yeah the old one is pretty sweet too. My only complaint is that Huey Dewey and Louie all have the same personality. But both are great and of course the old one is classic. My favourite duck has to be Louie. :)

    over 3 years ago
  • SadieI.aM.

    Foxmillionaire, I honestly love the old Ducktales too. I am 17 and, yet, it's always been my favorite show. I was SOOOO excited when I heard they were coming out with a new one. HUEDUCKFORVER! :)

    over 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    Also cool profile pic. :)

    over 3 years ago
  • -Foxmillionaire-

    I love God, I love character creating, and I love Ducktales. :) (The new one I mean)

    over 3 years ago