Sherrian Howe

American Samoa


December 5, 2015

PROMPT: Living People

  1. She is the person who listens to the rhythm of the beat.
  2. Her favorite thing is making musical beats for famous artist.
  3. Her closest friend is herself and only person she can confindant is therapist.
  4. she collects seashells.
  5. In her last nightmare ,she  saw blood dripping form her hands and she does know where all the blood came from and why her hands was covered in blood. she was wonder where she was at and it look like abanoned farm she at. she look around for where the blood could come form but she could find nothing but a head with no blood come form it. the she wake up.
  6. The first thing when she woke up in the morning is eat fired chicken.
  7. The  things that fascintes her is death and fired chicken.
  8. the most embaraesses thing for her is her past.
  9. She like to celebrate her birthday eating ice-cream  and watching her favoritve  movie matrix.
  10. The last book she read is the perks of being a wallflower.
  11. Her favorite type of weather sunny.
  12. Her best habit is making beats.
  13. Her worst habit is bitting her finger nails.
  14. Her earliest memory is seeing her parent getting killed before her eyes.
  15. She  is nervous to be be around dead body because it reminded her of  her parents death.


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