Laurence Prieskley

United States

Leeches in My Head

April 4, 2018


There are leeches in my head, festering and screeching,

Desperately crying out for attention,

They rise and fall like waves,

Growing and swallowing me whole,
dragging me under,

Tiny demons that become bigger with
every word,

Feeding on my misery like blood,

Little comments,

Unforgivable insults,

Irrefutable facts,

Or maybe they’re lying,

I can’t tell,

But I can’t make them leave,

I can’t let them go,

They hide behind my eyes,

Digging deeper into my skull like knives,

Shame fueling the words that come
from my mouth,

I want to be alone,

I don’t want to feel alone,

It’s for the best if you leave me alone,

I’ll drag you under like a leech,

Taking all you give and never giving back,

Leaving when you’ve finally run dry,

Leave me be,

There’s leeches in my head,

They’ve been there so long it hurts for them to be gone,

The snide comments hurt, yet they’re comforting than the silence,

I can feel them squirming under the white noise covering them like a blanket,

So I wait,

I’ll change,

I’ll grow,

I’ll live,

But there’s still leeches in my head,

There’s no changing that. 
I'm past this point in my life, but I still look back on it, glad I did make it through. 


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  • RavensInkWrites

    That was a lovely poem. I hope you never go back to being sad

    over 3 years ago
  • Bellbell0307

    Aww, this is so sad. I'm glad that you made it through this point in your life too.

    over 3 years ago