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Gabriela Salazar

United States

my character.

December 4, 2015

PROMPT: Living People

  1. She is afraid.
  2. Her favorite time of the day is the night.
  3. Her closest confident is no one.
  4. She collects fear.
  5. Her last nightmare was about death and drowning.
  6. Every morning she thinks about what her day brings.
  7. Blood fascinates her.
  8. Her mothers mouth and the way she uses it embarasses her.
  9. Every year for her birthday she rather sleep then do anything else.
  10. My character doesnt read.
  11. Rain is the best weather.
  12. Her best habit is analyzing people.
  13. Her worst habit is falling for the wrong guys.
  14. Her earliest memory is when she learned how to write her name.
  15. Having to talk to people makes her nervous.


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