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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 16!!!!!!!!

Chaos Pacificae (16)

April 14, 2018


[WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!: This is the sixteenth installment of this story. If you have not read the previous fifteen installments, GO READ THEM BEFORE YOU READ THIS ONE. Too much has happened for you to just start reading the sixteenth before the first!] 
{MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Multiple. Cues will be given in =these= again.} 
[OTHER WARNINGx8!!!: The following story contains positive emotions. If positive emotions offend you (which would be ironic), don't bother reading this story, for you will be forcing yourself to read something containing offensive (????????) positive emotions. THERE WILL BE POSITIVE EMOTIONS.] 

="Pax and Keira"= 

    On Perpetua Zeta...

    Pax and Keira weren't sure of what else to do, so they decided to go back to the clothing area. 
    Keira was looking at herself in a full-length mirror, checking out her new outfit, while Pax sat on a bench nearby, watching her, just sort of thinking. His mind wandered, but for some reason, his thoughts kept leading to Keira. 
    "Hey, Pax?" Keira said suddenly. 
    "Oh, um, yeah?" Pax said, snapping back into reality. 
    "Can I ask your opinion on something?" 
    "Uh, sure!" 
    "Do these shorts make my butt look big?" 
    "No," Pax responded almost immediately, without hesitation. 
    "I like how you said that immediately, without hesitating," Keira said. "That lets me know that it's true! Of course, you'd never lie, so..." 
    At that point, Keira turned around, and she noticed that Pax was staring at her. 
    "What?" Keira said. "You got something to say?" 
    Pax started blushing a little. He did have something to say. 
    "Um, you, uh, you look, uh, really nice," Pax said awkwardly. 
    Once he said that, Keira started blushing, too. 
    "Oh, uh, thanks," Keira said. "Uh, you, too. Heh heh." 
    They both stared at each other in silence for a while, both blushing. 
    Then, Keira's attention was drawn to Pax's purple eye. 
    "I'm, uh," Keira began, "I'm really sorry about your eye." 
    "Oh, it's fine," Pax replied. "It doesn't really hurt that much anymore, and I can see okay. Does it look alright?" 
    "See for yourself," said Keira, gesturing towards the mirror. 
    So, Pax stood up from the bench, walked over to the mirror, and looked at his eye, observing the difference. They were quiet for a while. 
    "...It's kinda weird," Pax said finally. "I'm so used to having multicolored eyes, it's weird seeing one of my eyes look so... Different... I don't like it." 
    "Well, we could try to cover it up somehow?" 
    "Yes, please." 

    They looked around for a while, until they came to a rack of sunglasses. Pax grabbed a pair and tried them on. 
    "How do I look?" Pax asked. 
    "...Edgy," Keira responded. 
    "...Is that a bad thing?" 
    "No, it means you look tough." 
    "I look tough?" 
    "Yeah! I mean, with those shades and that jacket, you look like a total bada--uh, I mean... The point is, you look tough... Well, other than the smiling sun socks." 
    Pax laughed a little at that last comment. Keira then grabbed a pair of sunglasses from the rack. 
    "What're those for?" Pax asked. 
    "You didn't think I wasn't gonna get some too, didja?" 
    Keira put on the sunglasses. 
    "How do I look?" Keira asked. 
    Keira playfully shoved Pax's shoulder, laughing a little. Pax laughed, too. 
    ...Then they were quiet again. 
    "...So..." said Pax. 
    "...So..." Keira said. 
    "...Do you, um, wanna go, uh, get something to eat?" Pax asked. 
    "...Sure. That sounds great," Keira said, smiling. 
    So, they went to get something to eat... Which is what they just said they would do. (Pay attention! Geez...) 

    They went to an outdoor cafe called "Perpetuan Plates." What they ate isn't really important. They laughed, they talked, they shared memories. They grew closer to each other in a matter of minutes. They were both... Happy. 
    Keira wasn't used to these feelings, though. 
    This is so weird, she thought to herself. At first, when I would look at him, all I saw is some naive weirdo, but now... When I look at him... It feels like... Something's moving inside me. Fluttering... Oh god, I'm feeling butterflies! ...Is it possible? Do I actually... Like Pax? As in, LIKE like him? 
    Meanwhile, Pax was having thoughts of a somewhat similar caliber. 
    Keira seems so happy, he thought to himself. She's smiling, she's laughing... Wow, she has a really pretty smile... And there's a little sparkle in her eyes that I didn't notice before. It's making me feel... Gosh, how do I even describe this? It's like, it feels really weird, but at the same time, I like the feeling? ...Oh my gosh, is this what I think it is? Do I actually... Like Keira? As in, LIKE like her? 
    They just kept chatting and laughing and enjoying each other's company... It was as if everything else had stopped, and all that mattered was each other. 
    ...Eventually, they decided to leave the cafe and walk around a little more. 

    =stop the music= 

    While they walked, they started humming that tune again. As they were humming, they happened to pass a jazz band. The leader of the jazz band happened to overhear the humming, and he recognized the song. 
    "...Hey hey HEY, I know that tune!" the band leader said. 
    Pax and Keira stopped and turned around to look at the band leader. 
    "You do?" Pax asked. 
    "Yeah, that one's a classic!" the band leader responded. 
    "...Mind telling us what it is?" 
    The band leader was silent for about a full two seconds (which is longer than you think). 
    "...You mean to tell me you cats don't know the tune you're hummin'?" 
    "It's... Complicated," Keira responded. 
    "Hey, no worries," said the band leader. "That little ditty's called 'Howdy!'." 
    "...'Howdy'?" Keira repeated. 
    "No, not 'Howdy'. 'Howdy!', with an exclamation point." 
    "...The song has an exclamation point in its title?" Keira slowly asked. 
    "I said it was a classic," said the band leader. "Didn't say it was conventional. Got a real nice swing, though, and a story full of glory!" 
    "Really?" Pax said excitedly. 
    "Yup! Story goes it was written by some legendary hero for his sons." 
    "That seems really interesting, Mr...." 
    "Oh, where're my manners? The name's Presley. Raymond Presley. But you cool cats can call me Ray." 
    "Wait, Raymond Presley?" Keira asked. 
    "Yup, that's the name. Why? That name ring a bell?" 
    "...More of a tiny ding." 
    "So, uh, Mr. Ray," said Pax, "could you possibly play that song for us?" 
    "I'd love to..." Ray began, "but here's the dealio, Emilio. I don't play for free. I'm savin' up to buy my ticket off this MultiMart and back to Forte Minor." 
    "You're from Forte Minor?" Pax asked. 
    "Yup! I'm a Fortissian, through and through! I came here to try to, you know, expand my audience and such..." 
    Ray took a glance around at all the people on Perpetua Zeta. 
    "...But all these people do is shop," Ray continued. "Nobody's got time to listen to the music here. So, I wanna get back home so I can share my music with my nephews again!" 
    "Yeah! There names are-" 
    "Let me guess," Keira interrupted, "Ludwig and Wolfgang?" 
    Ray actually did a bit of a double take! He was NOT expecting that! 
    "Whoa ho ho, Flo! How'd you know?" 
    "We just met them!" Keira responded. 
    "Really?!" Ray responded. "Daaaang, small multiverse, huh?" 
    "Yeah," said Pax, "and we've seen a lot of it today." 
    "Wait just a hot second..." Ray said. "Are you two those travellin' cats that folks keep gabbin' about?" 
    "Unless there's ANOTHER pair of teenagers travelling the multiverse today," Keira said, "yes." 
    "Well, whatta ya know? You cool cats are cooler than I thought!" 
    "Well, I wouldn't say we were really 'cool'..." Pax said. 
    "Don't sell yourself short, sport," said Ray. "Ya don't gotta be so humble all the time." 
    "Well, I was always taught that humility beats pride any day." 
    "That's a nice thought," said Ray, "but taking pride in your good deeds isn't exactly frowned upon. Just, do it in moderation." 
    "Huh. I guess that makes sense." 
    "So, what were your names again?" 
    "Oh, I'm Pax, and, uh, this is Keira." 
    "How you doin'?" Keira said, doing that "sup nod" thing that everybody understands but can't explain worth beans. 
    "Pax and Keira, huh? The names sound familiar somehow... Meh. Anyway, there's still the matter of my 'pay to play' policy." 
    "I'll pay," Pax said. 
    Ray was silent for a moment. 
    "...You mean it?" Ray said, a little stunned. 
    "Yeah, I mean, I have money now. Why not do some good with it?" 
    Pax pulled out the money pouch that King Sing gave him, and he took some of the money out of it, giving it to Ray. Ray looked closely at the money. 
    "...Well, hey hey hey, this is Fortissian currency!" Ray said. "And judgin' by those bags, I'm guessin'... You got 'em from King Sing himself?" 
    "Yup!" said Pax. "He actually suggested that we visit Perpetua Zeta." 
    "Well, that's groovy! Alright then. You paid. Time to play!" 
    Ray looked back at his band, and he saw that his cellist was reading a comic book. 
    "Peyton!" Ray shouted, startling the cellist, whose name must have been Peyton. "Put down the comic book and pick up the bow! We got an audience!" 
    "Can't I just finish this page?" said Peyton. 
    "...Fine, but be quick about it." 
    Peyton went back to reading his comic, appearing to be doing it rather quickly now. Ray looked back at Pax and Keira. 
    "Geez, it's like he forgets that he gets paid for this," said Ray. 
    After a few minutes, Peyton put down the comic book, picked up the bow, and got ready to play. 
    "Okay, what're we playing?" Peyton asked. 
    "We're playin' 'Howdy!'." 
    "Really? Somebody requested THAT?" 
    "Yup! These two cool cats right here!" 
    Peyton looked at Pax and Keira, then looked past them. 
    "Where? All I see is those guys." 
    "That's them." 
    "...How exactly are they 'cool'?" 
    "They're interdimensional adventurers," Ray replied, emphasizing every single syllable. 
    "...Okay, that is pretty cool. Let's play!" 
    ="Howdy! (Jazz Cover)"= 
    "One, two, three, four!" 
    They began to play. 
    As they played, Pax and Keira started tapping to the beat, and Pax started snapping his fingers along with it. Some other random shoppers even stopped and listened for a while! 
    =let it play until the end, then, as it restarts, stop the music= 
    Then, as they finished the song, everyone in the band shouted "HOWDY!" 
    Pax and Keira applauded, as did the others that were watching and listening. People even began putting money into the band's cases! 
    "Can't beat a classic!" said Ray with a smile. 
    "Play another one!" someone in the crowd shouted. 
    "...Really?" Ray asked, surprised. "Alright then! Any requests?" 
    People started shouting names of songs. 
    "Well, we're gonna go now," said Keira. 
    "Thanks, Mr. Ray," said Pax. 
    "No, thank YOU," he responded. 
    So, as Ray and his band began to play another song, Pax and Keira walked away. 

To be continued...  
Part 16!!!!!!!! 
There's still one more installment left in their adventures on Perpetua Zeta. After that, things are going to get intense... 

...Oh, also, that cellist character, Peyton? He's my best friend's cameo. 

Speaking of cameos, I got all of the ones for Perpetua Zeta, right? If I'm forgetting anyone, please let me know BEFORE I post the next part. Otherwise, you're out of luck. (Helvetica-7 cameos, you still have time.) 

Also, thank you, Lee Fudge, for helping me with that Helvetica recap. 


You're scrolling again, huh? 

It's been a while since I've done a good scroll troll...

...If you're still reading these, keep going. 

I actually wanna put something cryptic and foreshadowing here. 

Three worlds, locked in tandem

Vi, si yo, e vi 

Their connection is not random, 

But part of a prophecy... 

The three have already fallen... 

And two fall further still... 

The third is now a-callin' 

For there are none else who will... 

Those two world will continue to crumble 

Until they disappear... 

Unless they find the ones who mumble 

And those who utter clear... 

From their ruins, a life anew 

Will rise up, fresh and pristine... 

But only if they help the two 

With the Gift of the Adamantine... 

...Was I cryptic enough? 


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