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April 4, 2018

1. the point on the celestial sphere directly beneath a 
given position or observer and diametrically opposite the zenith.

2. the lowest point; a point of great adversity or despair. 

Sunlight on the countertop by the sink,
her arms draped over the windowsill,
fingers caught in the half-closed shades

Burnt sky, pale blue and ash
reflecting off a somber earth-
she gnaws the inside of her cheek
swallows her tongue-
because she isn't enough

And if she closed her eyes and
held her breath, 
it would almost be easy to imagine
that things never changed

But she's choking, drowning,
words strangled in her throat-
writhing in her own skin,
blood underneath her fingernails
because it isn't enough

And if she times it right,
the thunder will break
when she opens her mouth 

Forest fingertips and mountains along
her bowed spine-
she carves things into the spaces
behind her hollowed ribcage-
and it isn't enough

Rough palms laid on quivering thighs
When she smiles, it is false-
She grins and feels the strain,
brushing tired fingers against something too-sharp

And she is sand in open palms,
slip-slipping through the cracks;
watercolor stain, wolves in her skin,
howling until she falls apart

Because nothing is enough
I don't quite know about this piece, but eh. 


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  • I Write Occasionally

    Thank you so much!

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    This is amazing! I'm awed at your descriptions, and I can really feel the emotion in it. Wow! Great work!

    over 1 year ago