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A Fire That Burns, Like None You Ever Knew

By: Marerider


I get this feeling,
​It starts in my heart.
​It begins spreading,
​To my every part.

​It's an urge I get,
​A need to create.
And until it's met,
I can't concentrate.

It fills my mind,
​Every little bit.
​I can't leave it behind,
I can't make it quit.

My fingers twitch,
​Needing to write.
​I can't flip a switch,
Though try I might.

​So I'll give in,
​I'll let it start.
I will begin,
My piece of art.

​I'll let my fingers fly,
​Swiftly cross the page.
​Words slipping by,
​Going for an age.

​When its finished,
​When I'm through.
​The urge will have diminished,
​It will fade from view.

But it always returns,
Always starts anew.
​It's a fire that burns,
​Like none you ever knew.

Message to Readers

I don't normally write poetry, so bare with me!
Any and all thoughts welcome! Please let me know what you think!

Peer Review

Well, the first couple verses are the build-up for what it is. While the writer doesn't necessarily mention the word 'inspiration', you can see it swirling around each verse, as though outside a snow-globe, trying to get inside. I highlighted the verse that I love the most. :)

Ah....someone understands me. ;) And being able to relate to others may be the best feeling ever. :)

Are you going through any writer's block? 'Cause I find myself writing about inspiration whenever I come up to a wall. :P

Reviewer Comments

I really like this! The second to last verse mentions how when you get it all out of your system, then it'll fade, but will return later on. This is completely relatable, 'cause when I'm trying to sleep, but I feel like I should write something, and finally pick up a pen with paper and write, then I can sleep. And life goes on. :)
Great job! God bless!