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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 15!!! Shopping! Gossip! Cameos!

Chaos Pacificae (15)

April 4, 2018


[WARNING!!!: The following story is the fifteenth installment of this story. If you, for some reason, have not read the previous fourteen installments, I highly advise that you do so before you read this one. WAAAAAAAAY too much has happened for you to jump in right here. Seriously, if you haven't read the ones before this, why are you even reading these words? If you have read all of the previous ones... Again, why are you even reading these words?] 
{MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: "Perpetuan Shopping Spree" (may not work on mobile devices)} 
[OTHER WARNING!!!: The following story contains shopping. If shopping offends you (somehow), please do not read this story. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself up to be offended by shopping (???). THERE WILL BE SHOPPING.] 
[OTHER OTHER WARNING!!!: The following story contains gossip. If gossip offends you, do not read this offensive story. THERE WILL BE GOSSIP.] 
[OTHER OTHER OTHER WARNING!!!: The following story contains cameos. If cameos offend you, seriously, don't read this story. THERE WILL BE CAMEOS.] 
[OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER WARNING!!!: ...There's not really another warning. I just wanted to say that.] 

    Previously on "Chaos Pacificae"... 
    Upon arriving on Forte Minor, Pax and Keira were soon greeted by a friendly face! Then, after some wandering, things took a rather painful turn for Pax, and the two of them were brought before King Sing. Appealing to the King's better nature, they were able to get him to help them on their journey. Now, with both advice and funding from King Sing, Pax and Keira are taking a little break on Perpetua Zeta, the Mall of the Multiverse... 

    On Perpetua Zeta... 

    Pax and Keira were transported to an area that was clearly meant for exactly that: the arrival of travelers from other worlds. There were tons of people all around, shopping, vending, chatting, or just chilling. Of course, what else would you expect from a mall at midday? 
    Pax and Keira stepped off of the platform they were on, and tried their best to find a place that wasn't already crowded. They managed to find a spot next to a big fountain. 
    "Wow, there are so many people here," said Pax, "Isn't it great?" 
    "Yeah, totally," said Keira, not really meaning it. 
    "...I know what you're thinking. I'm sure nobody's gonna try to mug us here." 
    "...That's somewhat reassuring, but that's actually not what I was thinking about." 
    Keira sighed. 
    "Let's just get this over with," said Keira. "LINDEN?" 
    Right then, Linden appeared. 
    "HELLO!!!" Linden exclaimed. 
    Despite intentionally summoning him, Keira was still startled by Linden's arrival. 
    "****it, Linden!" Keira exclaimed. 
    "KEIRA!!!" Pax and Linden exclaimed in unison. 
    "Keira Grace Bella, you really must watch your language!" Linden said. 
    "LINDEN!!!" Keira exclaimed, livid. 
    Soon, Linden realized his mistake, and his hands instinctively covered his mouth, his eyes wide. 
    "Oh dear," Linden said. "I'm sorry, it just slipped out!" 
    "Wait wait wait," said Pax, "your full name is Keira Grace Bella?" 
    "Yes, that's my name," said Keira through clenched teeth, doing that bridge-pinch thing again, before glaring at Linden. "Not that it's any of your business." 
    "I'm sorry, Keira," said Linden, "but if you won't control your mouth, how can I be expected to do the same?" 
    "If it's any consolation, I think it's a great name," said Pax. 
    Keira looked at Pax, her glare dissolving into a look of heartfelt confusion. 
    "...Really?" said Keira. 
    "Yeah, really," Pax replied with a smile. 
    "Wait a minute," said Linden, "why are you on Perpetua Zeta?" 
    "Oh, King Sing suggested we take a break here before we go to Helvetica-7," said Pax. 
    "Wait, Helvetica-7?!" Linden questioned, concerned. 
    "...Yeah? Why?" 
    Linden was silent for a moment. He hadn't realized it would be happening this soon. 
    "Oh... My goodness," said Linden quietly. 
    "What's wrong?" Pax asked. 
    "Nothing, it's just... You two have come so far in so little time... Just know that, no matter what happens, I'm proud of you two." 
    "Why is this sounding like a final farewell?" said Pax, getting seriously bummed out. 
    "Sorry if I'm bringing you two down, it's just... Once you get to Helvetica-7, I won't be able to talk to you until you're about to leave, and then... Never mind. I really can't say. Just, uh, enjoy your shopping spree... Cheerio!" 
    Linden then disappeared, but not in his usual showy style. 
    "...Huh," said Keira. "That was... Different." 
    "Yeah, he's usually more upbeat than this," said Pax. "Well, I guess we shouldn't dwell on that. Let's do some shopping!" 
    "...Yeah, let's, uh, let's do that," Keira said, still a bit confused. 
    So, the two of them began their shopping spree. 

    King Sing had given them a lot of money, so they were able to buy whatever they wanted. The first thing they did was try to find some new clothes, since they had a feeling they would need to blend in on Helvetica-7. 
    Pax bought a black jacket with lots of pockets. He also bought some funky sky-blue socks with stars and smiling suns on them (because Pax is Pax), some green tennis shoes (since his sandals, on every planet but Candara Prime, are a fashion don't), some new light blue jeans, and a few new t-shirts, including one with a really interesting design
    Keira bought a bit less than Pax. She bought a new pair of jean shorts, some new lipstick (she decided to go with a light pink; she didn't know why, but she just liked it for some reason), and a hair brush (she hadn't brushed her hair in a while). 
    Soon after that, Pax discovered a section of a clothing store that sold scarves. He was drawn to a red scarf. He tried it on, looked in the mirror, and looked at Keira, silently asking for her opinion. 
    "Looks good," said Keira. "I might get one myself." 
    So, Keira also got a scarf. She got a blue one, to contrast Pax's red one. 
    After a little more wandering around, Pax discovered a rack full of empty glasses frames. Curious, Pax tried on a pair of black frames. 
    "You know," said Keira, "with those glasses, you kinda remind me of someone from a book I read once. What was the guy's name? Bug? Mistake? Virus? Error? Something like that." 
    "Sounds like it wasn't that memorable of a book," Pax said as he took the glasses off, putting them back on the rack. 
    "Eh, it was okay. I mean, there were a lot of references I didn't get." 
    Pax took a quick glance around, and he spotted a book store. 
    "Hey, maybe that book store will have the book?" Pax suggested. 
    Keira looked. 
    "Maybe. Let's take a look." 
    So, they went to the book store. 

    The book store was rather small, and it seemed to only sell books that were over a decade old, and therefore outdated. The place was full of books and bookshelves, and it all had that old library smell. 
    There was a teenager sitting behind the counter, feet propped up, reading a book. She appeared to be about 15 years old, and she was apparently the only employee. 
    She didn't even look away from her book as Pax and Keira approached. 
    "Welcome to Booksalots," the cashier said without looking away from her book. "Are you looking for anything specific?" 
    Pax and Keira looked at each other, unsure of how to answer. They had a feeling the book wasn't going to be here, but they still wanted to look around. 
    Right then, Pax thought of something. 
    "Do you have anything about historic meteor showers?" Pax asked. "Specifically, the one from sixteen years ago?" 
    For the first time since they arrived, the cashier glanced up from her book to look at Pax and Keira. She was quiet for a moment. 
    "...That shelf, right over there," she said, gesturing with her head. "Have at it." 
    She then went back to reading her book. 
    "Thanks," said Pax. 
    "No problem." 
    So, they went to that shelf to have a look. 
    As they were looking, another girl entered the book store. 
    "Hey, Sarah!" said the new girl. 
    The cashier, whose name must have been Sarah, looked, and for once, she put down her book. 
    "Oh, hey, Ice!" said Sarah as the girl (Ice) walked towards the counter. "How's your sister doin'?" 
    "She's feeling much better," said Ice. "She just needed some time to cool off." 
    "That's good. So, anything else interesting happen lately?" 
    "Well, right now, all anyone seems to be talking about is the meteor showers. Oh, that reminds me, did you hear about the UFO on Forte Minor?" 
    At that point, Pax and Keira couldn't help but listen. 
    "Yeah," said Ice, "I heard from Aussie that Kaitlyn was over on Forte Minor, and-" 
    "Wait, why was Katy on Forte Minor?" Sarah interrupted. 
    "You know how she's always finding ways to spend money. Anyway, Aussie told me that Kaitlyn was on Forte Minor during their meteor shower, and she saw some weird black rock in the middle of the meteors." 
    "A black rock?" 
    "Yeah. She said it kinda looked like a jagged heart, but it was hard to tell. For some reason, when it showed up, everything got a bit darker." 
    "Are you sure Aussie's not tryin' to mess with you?" 
    "I dunno. The story sounded pretty real to me. And after a few moments, the rock disappeared with the other meteors, and everything lit up again." 
    "Huh... That's weird..." 
    "No kidding! And that's not all! I also heard that there're some teenagers traveling from world to world." 
    "Yeah! Apparently, they were chatting with some locals on Coronet Iota, and a little while later, they were starting a riot on Forte Minor!" 
    "Wow! Sounds like they've been around! You think they'll be coming here?" 
    "I doubt it. I'm sure they're too busy doing whatever cool thing they're doing to come to a shopping world." 
    Pax and Keira quietly laughed a little. 
    "Hey, uh, we couldn't find what we were looking for," said Pax as they stood up, "so, we're just gonna come back some other time." 
    "Alright, have fun," said Sarah. 
    As they were about to walk out, they overheard Ice whisper something to Sarah. 
    "Who is that guy?" Ice whispered. 
    "I dunno," Sarah whispered back. "He's just some customer, I guess." 
    "He's kinda cute." 
    "Right? I wonder if he and that girl he's with are a thing?" 
    "I'd ship it." 
    At that point, both Pax and Keira were blushing. Fortunately, they had their backs to Sarah and Ice, so they couldn't tell. They quickly tried to leave the book store to avoid any further awkwardness and embarrassment... But as soon as they started trying to do that, Pax tripped on a pencil and fell into a big stack of books, basically repeating the drum incident. 
    Ice and Sarah were both laughing, and Keira was trying her best not to laugh as she helped Pax up. Again. 
    Pax and Keira then quickly left the book store. 

    Once they were a good distance away, they sat down on a bench to regroup. 
    "Well," said Pax, "that was embarrassing." 
    "Yeah, no kidding," Keira agreed. "The way they were talking about us being 'together?'" 
    "Yeah, I mean, us? A couple?" 
    "I know right?" 
    They both laughed awkwardly, ending it with a stereotypical simultaneous sigh, and awkward silence. 
    "...Let's go do some more window shopping." Keira suggested. 
    "Yeah," Pax agreed. 
    So, they continued to window shop. 

To be continued... 
Part 15!!! More cameos! This time, there are some physical cameos AND references. Sarah is the cameo character of Sarorah. Ice is the cameo character of I.C. Fynnheart. The "Kaitlyn" they referenced is, of course, Kaitlyn (insert snowflake emoji). 
There's still at least one more installment for Perpetua Zeta, so all you other Perpetuan cameos, don't think I've forgotten you! 


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