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Matthew Lamontagne

United States

College App

November 13, 2015


My transition from A child to an adult was marked made october 14. This date was when i sent in my first application to a university. once i sent this I realised that i was almost done with highschool and had to grow up and get an education and a job so I can support myself and possibly a family. as I talked to the recruiter about the dorms I realized I would not be living with the support of my parents. Unoh is a collage in northwestern ohio that has many choices of training. i will attend this college to learn and get certified and be a diesel mechanic. I will be taking the two year class that will cost more than 20000 dollars. this means i will have to get a job and try to make enough money to pay for my tuition. i will have to find a job that will not interfere with my class time. this experience was the transfer from a child to an adult.


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