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United Kingdom

What Lies Beneath

April 16, 2018

I fear the lights will turn off,
No longer may I dwell
In the starkness of reality,
Taste the sights of the world,
Savour the naked truths.
I fear the darkness
And what lies beneath,
No one to see me and nothing to be seen.
Uncertainty leaps from the shadows,
A beast could lie in wait,
and I wouldn’t know...
I want to know,
I have to know when the end will come,
Crashing down clumsily
Or in a blazing struggle for survival?

When my shortcoming give birth to disaster,
Let the world see,
Let them watch what sin creates,
Let them gawk and judge, laugh and curse
Just don’t let them forget me.
Now it’s dark,
The hum of the boiler is unsettling, the creaking of the floorboards sinister,
All the uncensored creations of my mind
Have the potential to break through fantasy,
Real and lurking:
The homicidal maniac tucked away in my wardrobe,
The spindly monster from our nightmares.
The darkness leaves me more visible than the light ever did,
More vulnerable and so much more afraid.

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