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Brown Sand and Grey Water

April 3, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

I used to go to the beach, when I was little.  We would go all the time, to Galveston Island- never mind that it's an hour away.  We'd get in the car, smelling of sunscreen and chlorine, and go to the grey-brown sand.
I didn't understand why sand was white in books until I visited California.  Suddenly, just how sad our thin, gloomy beaches with grimy sand was dawned on me.
But I was still happy to go to the beach.  After all, it was fun to play in the water!
Then there was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  A year, maybe two, after that, we went to Galveston Beach.  Hurricane Ike had come through a few years before, and Galveston still hadn't recovered.  There were torn down houses,and houses that used to be on land that weren't anymore.  It made me cry.  I sat on the beach, staring at the brackish water, looking at the black that was stuck to my hands.  I knew it was so much worse for the animals that had been here last time I had come.
Since then, I've only gone to Galveston Beach twice to play in the water.  It hurts, to see the sand that should be white but isn't and the water that should be blue.
I don't want to go to the beach anymore.
It reminds me of should have been.


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