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Hello! My name is Gloria, currently a high school student with an interest in STEM subjects and I value collaboration and learning from others. I hope my articles can bring value and understanding to many people.
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The River That No Longer Sparkled

April 3, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

    The sun beat on my face as I entered the withering fields. It no longer shone- it beated with its intense rays- losing its beauty and brilliance. It was the summer of 2050, twenty years since I have visited my home town. What had once been a charming, arid environment with a blue sparkling river that I sat in times of melancholy had dulled and now sparkled with plastic bottles and chip bags. At night, the river no longer showed the glowing moon like a mirror. I once turned to the night sky for peace from a hectic day, but I was now greeted with tall buildings and an endless stream of cars. I loved my hometown, but I was no longer in love with it. 
    As I sat with a pen in my hand near the sun shown window, I pondered what had become in the years since I have left. I had never believed things would come to this. I've always believed that "others" would take care of it and that "others" would come up with a solution. It was only until now that I realized what I had lost and what I had never appreciated. I turned off my edm music and for the first time in so many years took some time to think. What had I lost?
    Then it struck me: before I had left to university I forgot to remind m parents to take care of the birds that came often to visit. A sudden feeling of guilt and sadness entered me. I knew they wold have died by now, but I wondered how they spent their years when I felt. Did they enjoy the breeze in their faces? Did they enjoy the emerald green leaves? Did they enjoy the bright yellow buttercups? I would never know. 
    Did I do anything about it? I felt powerless...It had gone too far to do anything, I thought. Suppressing my feelings, I resumed my music and did nothing. I had surrendered.


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