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Kate Livewire


Hi guys!
I'm Kate Livewire, here and on SoundCloud.
I'm a bookworm, singer-songwriter, and a writer of few and far between stories (because of writer's block).
Hope you enjoy my works, and I hope to improve over time! :)

Message to Readers

Any constructive criticism (esp w wording, spacing, format, etc) would be much appreciated!

Unwritten Books

April 12, 2018

If I were to take you,
As a person,
And turn you into a book,
What would that book say?
How many words would be in it?
How many pages would it have?
What would it look like?
Would it have the vanilla scent of a new book,
Or the musty smell of an old book?

Think for a second:
This book would contain
Everything about you.
Your personality,
Your faults,
Your merits,
Your ups,
Your downs,
Your mistakes,
Your triumphs.

Would you be proud
To show this book
To your loved ones?
Would they enjoy
Reading the book
That contains all of you?
Or would they hate it
And turn away from you?
And if they did hate it,
What would you do?
Would you edit out the parts
They didn't like
And change yourself for them?
Or would you keep yourself
The way you are,
A Limited First Edition?

Well, it's a good thing we are people
And not books.
This way, you don't really have to worry about my questions,
Since most of us will remainĀ 
Mere humans for the rest of our lives---
Excepting those whose souls are
Embodied by biographies and personal anecdotes.
The rest of us will have to dissolve into the
Sands of time, never to be remembered by history.

But isn't it wonderful to think and
Imagine for a second:
All of us humans are really just
Unwritten books.

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