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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference


November 12, 2015


I looked up at them high on the hill, from my spot in the comforting shadows of pine trees. Their white pelts gleamed in the sunlight, looking pure and majestic.  The White Wolves. I growl. My enemies. Pure, they called them. Heroes, saviors, righteous. Lies. I knew the truth, but no one would believe me for the White Wolves fed the animals fake tales. That us Black Wolves were evil, vile creatures. That we should be eliminated at first chance. I growl as a drop of water falls from my eyes. They killed my pack. Only a few Black Wolves remained in hiding. The leader of White Wolves, Dovefeather, claimed that he and his pack would save the animals from us Black Wolves. But his true reason was our territory. He was greedy, wanting more hunting territory for his pack. And he would kill to get it. I am Ravenmist, one of the last of my kind.

One of the White Wolves turrn their gaze on me. I move slowly into the darker shadows. I heave myself to my feet and head to Bunny Hill for a meal. I crouch behind some bushes and my ears twitch as a lone rabbit hops too close. I silence my belly’s rumbling, knowing my hunger would soon be satisfied. I dashed forward, fangs ready for flesh. The rabbit shrieks and makes a run for it, but its too late. I bat it off its feet and falls with a thump on the snowy ground. I lean down to end it when it cries. “Its dishonorable for me to be eaten by a Black Wolf! I’d rather be killed with glory by the White wolves!” Its words trigger something within. Soon all the rabbits around yell curses at me. Why was I hated? For lies and my colour, they saw me as a monster. “Go away you demon!” they chanted. I growled. Then with a loud howl, I roar. “ENOUGH!” The rabbits fall into silence. “You want to be eaten by those lying murderers? Go ahead!” With that, I turn and run, tears freezing the second they touch the cold air. I couldn’t even hunt without being treated as a villan. All because of colour.

I lay under a tree, stomach yelling at me to fill it. I rest my head in between my paws and close my eyes for sleep. “Well well well, Look what we have here.” A familiar voice mocks. I don’t need to see who it is. I growl and force myself up. I glare straight into his eyes. “Dovefeather, what a pleasant surprise.” I say coldly. The large strong whiyte wolf smirks. “Why aren’t you dead yet? This forest has no room for evil creatures like you.” My fur bristles across my back. “Speak for yourself! Not only do you go to another pack, you turn it against your own!” Dovcfeather looks away. “What are you talking about? I was never a part of your pack of flea bags.” My claws unsheath. Anger runs through my veins. How dare he. How dare he leave our pack. How dare he make a new pack. How dare he turn upon his own kind, his own family! How dare he do this, to his own sister. “What happened to you, Dovefeather?” I croak. “We used to play as pups, now you seek to kill us, your own family!” Dovefeather spits at my face. “No black wolf will I call family.” His word stabs into me, like steel arrows. “Why do you do this, brother?!” I wail. His eyes turn to black slits and he silences me with a strong swipe at my face. I collapse onto the snow, blood going down the side of my face. “I am not your brother! Not now, not ever! I am Dovefeather, leader of White Wolves!” With that, he lunges for my throat. I continue to lay there. “I wont fight you…” I whisper. “Then you are a fool. And you deserve to die. Black wolf scum.” I feel fangs embed in my throat and air seems far away. But I stay still. “I wont fight you….” I mumble. The pressure on my neck increases and dark spots dance around my vision. “It isn’t too late, Brother. You can still change. You can still do the right thing…” “Shut up!” A sickening crack echoes through the trees and I fall limp. I feel myself falling, into a void of darkness. “I am not doing anything wrong. Its not my fault you were born without white fur.” He spits and walks away. My brother… what have you become? I lay my head on the tainted red snow, pain radiating throughout my body. Then I feel no more pain as everything goes dark.

“Dad, who was that? Why did she call you brother?” The white wolf pup asked as DoveFeather walked away from the dead she-wolf. “She was my sister,” he gruffed. “until she was born with black fur. Black Wolves are tainted, Hawktalon. You must rid them whenever you see one. They are a virus that were meant to never exist.” “But… you killed your sister-” “She is not my sister. She is nothing but a low life Black Wolf. Lets go.” Dovefeather growled to his son. Hawktalon followed, but a feeling churned within him. Was she really my father’s sister? Did he really kill his own sister just because of colour? If I were born with a black pelt… would he kill me too? Hawktalon wondered as he followed his father from a distance. The young wolf pup eyed his father, unsure of all the things he had been taught. What is my father really after?He turned his head to look back at the shrinking dot that was the dead Black Wolf. His ears perked as a soft voice flew past him like the wind. “My own brother killed me for my colour…What has he become?”



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