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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference

The Beast

November 12, 2015


The wind blew from every corner towards Joey. The young girl winced as each puff brushed past her cold and trembling skin. The forest was dead silent except for the quiet mockery of the wind. “Turn back,” the wind hissed as it blew past her ear. “Before its too late.” The cold wind cackled as it released Joey from its grip and faded into the darkness of trees. Joey walked on with quickened steps. “You cant escape…” The wind laughed. Joey’s small quick steps turned into quick long steps. Her brown hair trailed after her as she dashed through the forest. Each shadow seemed to jump at her, trying to drag her into the darkness. The trees covered all sources of light. The moon hidden by the mass of leaves. The silence that shrouded Joey was cut by the sound of a deafening roar. Joey skidded to a stop, eyes wide as she peered behind her. A beast, as black as night, crouched behind her, red eyes blazing. A soft cry escaped the little girl’s lips. The wind brushed past Joey’s ear one last time with a sinister tone of satisfaction. “You’re dead.” On cue, the beast jerked back its head and released a blood curdling scream from its jaws. Joey felt her heart skip a beat as the beast shambled towards her. The horns on its head red with blood from its previous victims. Its breath recede with death. Its claws as thick as trees. Joey was rooted to the ground as the beast lunged, fangs bared, caterwauling a thunderous roar.


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