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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference

when The Ice Melts

November 12, 2015


Poki ran across the small chunks of ice. He huffed as he pursued his prey, a seal. The black swimmer saw the Polar Bear’s white fur against the brown of the ground. With a startled yelp, it disappeared down its breathing hole, back into the depths of the sea.  Poki came to a stop, seeing his target escaped, sides heaving. Poki sighed. He hadn’t caught anything for days, the seals saw him before he even started to get a few meters close. His snowy pelt simply stood out from the brownish black dirt. With the ice melting, Poki no longer had the cover of camouflage.  The plump arctic bear was now a skinny thing with pitiful eyes. Why had the sun gotten hotter? Why had the ice melted so much? The young two-year-old polar bear did not know the answer to these questions, but he suffered so much. Not long after leaving his mother and sister, the ice had started to melt quickly, no ice replaced those missing. Seals slipped from his grasp more frequently as his adaptation of camouflage was useless on the dirt ground. He was starving. Poki turned and walked away from the seal’s breathing hole, determined to find another hunting ground he could get a meal from.

After a long way of walking and swimming, Poki found another area filled with seal breathing holes. But the ice was little and more of the horrid colour of dirt was seen. Poki scanned the area, shocked. Was there no place in which he could hunt now? Poki saw a patch of snow, moving slightly. Sniffing, Poki hoped the scent of a seal carcass would reach his scent glands, but as the smell wafted up to him, Poki gave a yowl of horror. The young male ran down the dirt ground. Seals saw him approach and slinked back into the water. But that wasn’t what Poki was after. It couldn’t be! But the smell got stronger. The sadly familiar scent was mixed with the stench of death. He reached the snow patch only to find it a large female polar bear. “Mother!” Poki wailed. He pushed his snout into her belly fur, hoping to feel some life left in her. But she was dead cold. “What killed you, Mother?” her cub mumbled. He didn’t need an answer. The smell of hunger and starvation radiated from the ten-year-old female bear. Poki sighed and looked again at the evil brown of dirt. “Why must the ice melt? Why must you be brown? Why must you hinder our hunting?” Then he rose his white head and stared at the sun. “Why are you so strong? Why must you make things difficult for us?”

“Poki?” Poki turned to see a skinny female polar bear approach. “Sister!” he cried as he ran up to her. The scrawny creature fell to her side. “Sister!” Poki called in dismay. “So hungry…” she croaked. Poki smelled the strong scent of hunger from her. She would be another victim to global warming soon. “No! Wait here! I-I’ll get you something to eat! Just hang in there!” Poki frantically ran to the breathing holes. He spotted a seal clamber out of the water, its body slick and wet. He tore after it. But without the cover of ice, the seal saw him and shot back into the ocean. Poki didn’t take a moment to sigh and was already looking for another.  But it was repeated, and every time, the seals saw him before he could grab them. After a long hour, he returned with a small fish in his jaws. He rushed to the fallen two-year-old female polar bear. “Sister? I got you a fish, please eat!” He nudged the small fish to his sister. But she was still. Dread clutched Poki like a snake. “Sister?” Her eyes were dull and continuous rumbling came from her stomach. “Poki…” she called, voice as low as a whisper. Her head fell onto the ground and her body stopped twitching. Her belly went silent and her eyes continued to gaze at the sky, dark and unseeing. Poki’s eyes were wide with shock. “N-No! No! Sister! Quick! Eat this fish!” he gently used his big shaggy paw to push the fish to her mouth. But her mouth was opened slightly and would not clamp down on the scaly prey. “No! Eat! Please! Im begging you!” Poki cried. The sound of silence was his response. Grief, sadness and anger churned within the polar bear. He howled and snarled at the sky. “Why did you do this to me?! Why oh why did you melt the ice? Why?! Why must you rip everything away from me?!” His furious cries echoed past the wet melting mountains of ice. The ice hill next to them dripped with water as the sun glared upon it mercilessly, cracks ran across its surface and slowly, large chunks broke off and made their way down. Poki yelped and grabbing his dead sister by the scruff, ran towards his mother’s body, barely dodging a piece of wet ice that could have killed him. He put his sister at his mother’s side and looked around. He stared in horror at the large chunk of ice falling straight above him. Before he could run to safety, it fell upon him and his family with a terrific crack.

Poki coughed as he looked around. The ice had broken above and trapped him with his dead family. A big piece was crushing his back. Poki coughed again, this time, red water coming from the corner of his mouth. In agony, he dragged his bloody battered body to his mother’s side. He nuzzled his sister and mother before giving a strangled gasp. He lay next to them, feeling only cold but felt a comforting warmth from them spiritually. Poki coughed and gasped as his life was slipping away. “Why did you do this to us…Why…why did you melt the ice…” he mumbled and his eyes fell closed.  His body trembled as terrible pain ran throughout his body. The Polar Bear felt himself falling. Before he was engulfed in darkness, one lone, agonizing word came out as a murmur from his mouth.




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