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The Head of a "Writer"

By: nevaredhp

I sit at the keyboard poised for action.
The buzzing of my phone poses a distraction.
Words bounce in my mind ready for their time to shine,
But they don't seem good enough for this poem of mine.

Finding the best rhymes is the hardest challenge.
Fragments of ideas laugh at their revenge:
Since I refuse to let the world in on them all,
It's as if I have nothing left to scrawl.

The question arises as to whether I'm a writer
If I rarely make time to mold words into something brighter
Than what they can convey on their own,
Yet the blank page won't leave me alone.

So I still sit at my keyboard,
Praying I strike the perfect chord
When I string phrases together that seem like nothing,
So maybe someday, it will mean something.


Message to Readers

all feedback is appreciated :)

Peer Review

I'm left with the image of a writer sitting at a table in an empty room with a blank sheet of paper glaring at them.

I think that the poem is really good the way it is, but a metaphor or simile would easily be at home in it.

Lines 3 and 4 are my favorite, I like the rhyme and wording really well, they capture just how I feel when I go to write a poem :)

I really enjoyed reading this poem. Your rhymes are all perfect and help even more to convey imagery in this poem!

Reviewer Comments

Good going and keep it up! This poem was highly enjoyable and I appreciate you writing it :)