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Li Shi Ya

Love - something to believe in

September 8, 2014

PROMPT: This I Believe


“Nobody said it would be easy, but love, it's something to believe in”

Love is pain, love are sad, but I dare you to never fall in love more than a time for your whole life. People left, tears dropped, eyes closed, broken heart, which you had met a wrong person. Mostly, after being hurt, them people will lose their trust in love. It's amazing how a person fall in love and be happy forever with the right one, there will be tears, but even know how hard it is, they will try to find a way, rather than leaving a person there getting hurt alone. Love is a miracle thing that God gave to connect two people. Nobody said to love will be easy, nobody said love is 100 percentage of happiness. We fall, we stand, because out there still have many people and someday you will meet the right person. Love is something to believe in.


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