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Joshua Inwood

United States

First Draft of College App

November 12, 2015


On November 10th I spoke with Fred Napoleone from UNOH. He is a college representative for the University of Northwestern Ohio. What Fred does is he goes around and discusses what UNOH is all about. Fred came to my house and spoke with my mom and i about UNOH. We spoke for about an hour. First he laid out a calendar for the 2015-2016 year, he showed my mom and i all the session start and end dates. He told me that if i have perfect attendance that i won’t have to take the final. It’s kind of a treat for being on time and there all the time. He then showed us the vacation weeks, activity weeks and a few other things. What caught my eye was the diesel club. There are many more but i was really interested in the diesel club because that’s what i’m gonna be majoring. Basically what diesel club is you tour around the U.S. going to pull offs. Pull offs are seeing how much you can tow. After that he showed us a video of UNOH and all the session times. Morning session is 7:30 to 12:30. Afternoon session is 1:00 to 6:00. The evening session is 6:30 to 11:30. I obviously took the Morning session because you get in eraly and get out early. The cool thing is you pay per session not all at once. Also the sessions are 6 weeks long. You start out with your technical session pass that then you move on to general education. Math, Goverment etc. It’s a interweaving curriculum which is what i really like. For technical like let's say that i finished steering and suspension for diesel right after i finish that session i can take the ASE test for it and the school will pay for it. I’m aloud two free ASE tests the others i have to pay for, but the tests are only $120 dollars not that expensive. The books are cheap and so is dorm pay. $75 per week for living in a dorm that includes utilities. But i'm going to be living in an apartment with Sean and another person and the pay is $420 per month and with 3 people living in it we can split the pay. Fred saved me from joining the army. I am so happy that he came the benefits i will get from UNOH is gonna be so much better than going in the Army.

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