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Sean Cleland

United States

College Essay - Final

November 12, 2015


Throughout my high school life up till my Junior year, I did not know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life after I graduated. I did not have any hobbies or interests that could help guide me to my future career, until I heard about the TEC Center. The Center offers numerous different career readiness programs that can help the students attend Universities and obtain jobs directly after graduation.
My Sophomore year a representative from the TEC Center visited my school and started to talk about how attending a career readiness program can help those who do not know what they want to do when after they graduate. This got my attention and I decide to attend the Automotive Technology program. Saying that I have always loved knowing about cars, I did not know the inside of a car and how they ran so I hoped I could gain this knowledge there.
Little did I know, TEC transformed the way I looked at my future and helped me set up guidelines for the future. We studied hard and took State Certification Test which helped us build our confidence and our resumes. And the more certifications we earned through the program, the better it made us look as students and as potential workers when we graduate high school.
After I earned two State Certifications, I realized that a career in the automotive field would suit me best. This lead me to start looking at colleges where I can broaden my knowledge of that field. That’s when I ran across the University Of Northwestern Ohio, they offered many different degrees and programs which you can take. I ended up applying to the University in the Diesel Technology program because with the knowledge of both automotive and diesel it would be extremely easy to get a job in both fields if needed.
When I was in 10th grade, I did not know the benefits of attending the TEC Center until I signed up and spent one full year taking a class there. In the one year I gained knowledge that I will use everyday in my career choice and choices that helped set my future up and got me to where I am today.

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