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A spill of emotions

November 11, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

"Look at all the things she has done! She never does duty properly, she is so full of herself, she thinks she is the queen of the Solar System. The world does not revolve around this little brat!" The devil twired her crimson, pointed tail and complained irately. 

"No, but Harriet was very helpful. Remember the times where you couldn't go for meetings and she stood in for you?" The angel in a silky, white robe pushed aside the beelzebub. 

"But look at what she has sent Lina! Do you think it is acceptable?" With that, the devil furrowed her eyebrows and pointed her triton to the message on Lina's white Samsung S3. She simultaneously burst into a conflagration threatening to devour anything that comes into her path. The angel could hear the air overflowing with wrath when the devil breathes through clenched teeth. She could see her bulging carotid artery and those thick veins on her temple pulseating with the lava of anger. Going at this rate, she might as well have Harriet for lunch! 

Lina felt her phone shiver in fear in the pocket of her bermudas. She tapped open the notification and was greeted by the worst surprise in 17 years of her life. Recently, the Student's Activity Council has asked the Chairpersons of every student activity to come up with a short write-up of what they do. Lina spent 2 hours wreaking her brain cells for inspiration and came up with a Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon themed mystical-magical in-sight into her activity, the IT society. She surveyed the High-Schoolers to be and these were their 2 favorite shows of all time. She read it aloud. Pleased with the short introduction, she sent a soft-copy to her Vice-Chairperson, Harriet, who was utterly revolted at the phrasing. She gaged in front of her and laughed her head off on how bad the reference was. Now, she has sent a jovial message to report that she has re-written the whole thing. Lina felt her blood boiling. 

She tightened her grip on her phone as she started seething with rage. Never has she seen such an insolent individual, and utmost immature. In previous activity sessions, Harriet cancelled the meetings just because she was too lazy to attend it. When the seniors asked for a holiday camp, she called it off because she thought it was too troublesome. Now, she is not appreciating Lina's hardwork because it did not match her taste. Everything was about her. Harriet. The very syllable made Lina's innards sear with the flames of anger. She could feel the heat behind her eyeballs, she could feel tsunamis of scorching liquid running through every artery and vein in her body. She felt like the Krakatoa Volcano in Indonesia that had once erupted so violently that people in Australia could hear the explosion. Blood was rushing to her head and it was building up like magma in a volcanic vent, ready to kick open the roof and preparing for the blast. 

Bismillah! What a rude, uncultured fool she is!

Lina took a few deep breaths before she gained full control of her fingers which were trembling with hatred and impatience. She knew what she wanted for Christmas: a chainsaw and a hockey mask and a visit to Harriet's house at 3am. That would teach her a lesson. Just as she was about to type her response, her phone shuddered again. It was an incoming call from Harriet. How timely!


"Hey Lina! This is Harriet! I just want to tell you I did some major amendments to your write-up. Could you help me do some editing and send it off to Selina in the afternoon? Thanks a billion! Love you!" Selina was the Leader for the Student's Activity Council. Lina nodded as Harriet chirped on the other side of the phone. 

All of a sudden, the bulk of rage was gone with the air-conditioner of the shopping mall Lina was in. For some reason, Lina's head slowly stopped throbbing and she felt her heartrate fall to normal levels again. She was no longer preparing for eruption, the lava has stopped boiling. The acrimony in her eyes dissolved into the enjoyment of the accomplishment of a job. She heaved a sigh and expelled all the indignation that swelled up in her heart. 

"Sure thing. I'll sent you a copy when I'm done?"

"No hahaha, I trust you boss. See you soon!" Harriet's giggle sounded like little silver bells that hung on Mistletoes in Christmas. It was one of the most melodious sounds Lina has heard and her violent, annoyed front collapsed as if it was made of pillars of salt and sand. 

"Not again! Lina, you have to be harsh with her! You fell for her dirty little trick again! She'll come back even worse next time!" The Devil's eyes widened in despair as she knelt dramatically on the floor and tossed her triton aside. She face-palmed herself at the soft-heartedness of Lina. 

"You can't give in every single time! You will be sorry Lina!"


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