16 yr old girl from Sydney, bisexual, lover of writing, nature and mythology :)

"A story. This was the key to immortality. The things that made kings quiver and deities distrustful: nothing but a tale" - Crown of Wishes

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Obsessed with books and probably spends too much time in fictional worlds.
I love mythology, ancient history, the sky and tea. And of course writing, I hope everyone likes it :)
My inspiration mainly comes from nature and the people around me.

My Home

April 2, 2018


I hear the mournful call of the cockatoos, they soar over snow-dusted mountains 
I feel the silky caress of a wild river, running cool through my fingers
I smell the bitter smoke that coils above a leaping bushfire, a flaming dragon that stalks the night
​I touch the crimson earth of the desert, painted onto the land by the fingers of ancient spirits
​I make a path through tangled rainforest, the children of the trees call through the branches in birdsong 
​I listen to the rumbling thunder roar though ebony clouds and summer rain
​I dance through the ghostly gumtrees that haunt the mist-laced valleys.
​I watch the ocean meet the sand, embracing its pearl-white shore in a symphony of crashing waves
​I sing to the stars that shine at midnight, the watchful eyes of the sky, diamonds upon the darkest velvet.
​I see Australia, an ancient land of secrets and stories, terror and beauty.
My home.


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  • Johanna

    Ahhh I've run out of words to describe your wonderful, wonderful writing!

    over 1 year ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Beautiful job! Bravo! :) Definitely one of the best compositions on here.

    about 2 years ago