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This is my first work on Write the World, and I'm so excited to hear anyone's reviews and constructive criticism!

Imaginative Optimist

November 11, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

    Today I got called a bright optimist by Mrs. Davenworth in school.  She also called me an imaginative person.  I don't know what any of that means but she says I smile a lot.  Mum says that's a good thing and that I should never stop smiling.  Why would I do that?  The world is so huge and full of stuff to do, that I don't know how anyone can stay sad for more than a minute! 
    I feel like everything around me is just the coolest sometimes.  Colors and smells and tastes are all so, so strong.  Everything around me seems bright and just waiting to be explored.  The streets, markets, even the school, with the smell of sweaty socks and gum under every table.  I try to tell Mum this sometimes, but she gets all teary and says she's proud of me.  That makes me happy, but I don't like to see her cry.  I love my family, me and my mum.  I pray for us every night.  She says that Daddy should also be in my prayers- that I should pray that he gets better-, but I don't think so.  I don't really see Daddy a lot, but when he's around, he smells really bad and falls down a lot.  He also gets mad real easy.  Mum says to stay away from him if I can, but sometimes he looks for me and I have to hide inside the dirty clothes basket.  I don't know why he's always so mad. Mum starts crying a lot too when he's around, and he yells a lot.  One time, he grabbed my arm really hard and twisted it.  It hurt for a week.  That was the first time I saw Mum hit my dad.  She had a lot of bruises when she went to tuck me in that night.  Daddy hasn't been back since.
    I looked up imaginative in the dictionary, and I think it means that I can make up stories.  Mrs. Davenworth always said that I lived in my own head.  Well, I love stories, and made up stories are the best.  Even when times got rough and we had to sell our house for an apartment the size of a box, I could make up a story, and that story was all I needed for the world to seem a little brighter.  In one story, my family would have to move because my mum was actually a spy for the government and we needed to be kept safe.  I'd be surrouned by kids just like me and would have amazing adventures and train to be a spy myself. Another time, I'd find out that I was actually magical, and I'd get to go to a new school and Mum would never cry again, because I'd be super powerful and could stop Daddy from hurting her.  I never tell Mum this because I think she'd be sad.
    Mum says that once I'm grown up, I have to go to college and study real hard.  I think that'll be okay.  I like books, especially the ones about fairies, or as my books spells it, faeries.  I also like history.  There were a lot of knights a long time ago, and they all fought monsters, like in my stories.  I want to be a knight and protect my family.  Mum says I should be doctor or an author.  She says an author's like a writer and I like to write.  I don't know what I'll be, but I'm going to do something great and Mum's gonna' be so happy and Daddy won't be around anymore.


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