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Trouble in the Western Galaxy: Chapter Four

March 29, 2018


The Bounty Hunter League was founded in 2173, but wasn’t considered legal until 2228. It had liscensing building all throughout the galaxy, and over time, slowly turned into something like the DMV.

Such as the lines. It would probably had taken an hour for Leo to renew his license. Some9ne behind him wanted to talk to him.

”You’re Leo Whistler, are you?” The man said.

”Yes,” Leo said,”Who are you?”

”I’m Steve, but you can call me Mr. Steve,” Mr. Steve said.

”Okay,” Leo said, thinking this jerk was done talking. He was not.

”You know, I’ll be a better bounty than you,” Mr. Steve said.

”Will be?” Leo asked,”You’re not a bounty hunter?”

”Me and my friends are getting registered,” 

“Pretty arrogant are you?” Again, Leo thought the conversation was over.

”I’m catching Baron Cykes,” Mr. Steve practically blurted.

”I have that job,” Leo said.

”Why do you have it?” 

“Uh...Someone hired me?”

”Well, I get the money!” Mr. Steve then laughed. 

Leo had gotten to the desk earlier than he thought, and pulled out his license.

”Hi,” He said to the lady,”I’d like to renew this.”

”All right,” He lady typed on her keyboard,”Name?”

”Leo Whistler,” 


”March Thrid, 2208,”



”All right, please wait to take your photo,”


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