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Trouble in the Western Galaxy: Chapter Three

March 29, 2018


“So, you unfroze me in advance of the prison break?” Cykes, who could speak normally again, asked Wintson.

”Actually, I unintentionally unfroze everyone in the cell block,” Winston said,”There was no to unfreeze one specific prisoner.”

”The guards are going to be peeved,” Cykes said.

”The guard have shotguns,” Winston said,”They’ll be fine. Now, let’s discuss business.”

”All right,” Cykes straightened in his chair, towering over Wintson even while sitting down.

”I need you kill someone,” Wintson pulled out a photo of a black haired man,”His name is Leo Whistler, and he ruined my life.”

Now, let’s focus less on the escaped criminal and his so called savior, and focus on Leo, who landed the ship on Williamstein.

Williamstein was a urban planet, the entire area was a city. This was done by placing Resource Stations, place where food and materials cold be gathered, all around the planet. Every building was a dull gray, mixed with colorful graffiti. 

On the corners of the streets, strategically placed Papermen sold newspapers.

”Extra, extra!” Kne of them yelled,”Baron Cykes broken out of prison! Police going out of their minds!”

Leo decided to look at the job request for the first time. It didn’t show who requested it He job, but that was fairly common. It had a description of Cykes.

Name: Baron Barron Cykes.
Age: 54 (Due to cryogenic freezing, he looks 44.).
Physical Description: Cykes is seven feet tall, has a muscular build, and has graying hair. 
Should be considered extremely armed and dangerous.

”Huh,” Leo said,”Don’t they have a picture of the guy?”

”All the photographers mysteriously perished,” Tim said.

”Huh,” Leo said,”Welp, gotta were almost there, come on.”


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