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Hey! Tasha here. Writing and reading are my escapes from the world, along with singing and hanging out with animals or my friends. And for some reason, I've been given the nickname of Disney Princess. I just want to live my life for Jesus.

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I would love criticism on this piece. And suggestions on how to make it better are always welcome.


March 28, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Kimberly stood in front of her giant mirror. She sighed, rubbing the blue sapphire on her choker necklace. What was the point? She was alone in her room anyway. She took off the necklace. There was a small flash as Kimberly changed. Blue tattoos covered her body. Her large, hawk-like wings unfurled, drooping and brushing the ground. She was now wearing a silky, dark blue top with black pants and black angle boots. Several different rings and bracelets appeared on her hands and arms, but she didn't pay attention to them. And her hair was now completely blue. But she didn't pay attention to any of this. Instead, she stared at what was sitting on top of her head. A silver crown. She still couldn't believe it. She was a princess of a lost kingdom, the sole survivor of her family. "This is crazy." She said aloud. She flopped on her bed. "This is only supposed to happen in fairytales, not modern life."


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  • Quilling Leaves

    Cool scene. I like the description

    almost 2 years ago
  • SoulSister

    And thank you Bellbell0307. I have been working on this piece in my head for about a week.

    almost 2 years ago
  • SoulSister

    PS I got mixed up and wrote 'angle boots'. It's supposed to be 'ankle boots'.

    almost 2 years ago
  • Bellbell0307

    Ayyye! I know Kimberly! XD. This is really good!

    almost 2 years ago