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I live to for the moments where words click together perfectly.

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Like a Droplet Seeking to Diverge into the Open Air

November 11, 2015

It wasn't the gleam that raced through the glazed over film that coated her eyes, it was the kicking in her throat and the tyrant voice in her mind that tormented her every thought that caused her to grasp the world the way her white knuckled fists with fingers practically sown together grasp water when it still runs right through her nail indented palms; it was more than confusion, it was the impossible and the contradictory and the believable and the potential kind of lens that she peered her wilted lashes through, no matter how drenched they were. 
This is supposed to represent how this character can't make up her mind on the perception of the world and everything seems to contradict everything else. Her view of the world is, to her mind, as confusing as how water slips through her clenched fists even when it shouldn't. 

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