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By: 789

    In case you haven't noticed, you have little hairs attached to your eye lid. It is a novice mistake to confuse these with your eyebrows. Fashion is all about expression. Express yourself through the artistic use of materialistic things to bring deep, emotional connections to your audience. Change the world. You have potential.

    Eyelashes are known in the scientific world as "useless". I'm running out of time. They're coming. They have the $400 eye stencils. If you don't hear back from me in 18 years, assume I'm married and live in Argentina.

    I'm back. BACK IN BLACK. I decided to put mascara on my brows and now I'm 2 legit. Oh, and still a single pringle. Now we have to move on to graver matters. One day, my friend Tiifony was eating doritos. She was the most singlest pringle I ever pringled. Back to fashion. She decided to snort dorito cheese dust and died instantly. R.I.P. Tiifony.

    1 favoritorino = 1 karambino for Tiifony
    99% of you won't, but if your that 1% with heart, you will.

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Peer Review

The concept of eyelashes is very interesting. I've never heard of that before.

I would like to visualize more when the author talks about their married life in Argentina.

They don't. This has nothing to do with fashion.

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Are you on doritos? Because it seems like it.