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Trouble in the Western Galaxy: Chapter Two

March 26, 2018


Leo woke up, apathetic as ever. However, there are certain things that even Leo can’t be apathetic about.

Like pancakes.

Leo went to the stove, and went to get the pancake mix, when his partner, Tim, stopped him.

”You gotta read this,” He said.

”What?” Leo said, reaching for the thing that would make or break his day,”I gotta make breakfast!”

Tim shoved the paper into his Leo’s face. It was a job request, for the capture or death of Baron Cykes.

”Woah!” Leo said,”He got out? But his gang’s in jail!”

”Yes, but someone else got him out,” Tim said,”But that’s not important, we need to...”

He turned and saw Leo getting the pancake mix.

”Would you focus?!” He yelled.

”But I need food...preferably in my mouth,” Leo said,”Pluss, I have the keys to the ship.”

”Stole ‘em,” Tim said, holding them up.

Leo wanted to shoot Tim sometimes.

”Fine,” Leo said,”How much is the bounty anyway?”

”Three million.” Was the awnser. If Leo had a drink, he would be spitting it out.


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1 Comment
  • WishfulKittyKat1

    Love the last line! You've really mastered ending with a line that hits hard, and sticks with the reader!

    over 2 years ago